Free Fire Invisible Space: How to put invisible space (ㅤ) in FF nick

Game names are the identity of players in a game like Garena Free Fire. Users often choose an exclusive Free Fire nickname. Some use specific fonts, others focus on the rarity of their in-game names (IDs) and many look for other forms, how to put invisible space in name.

Free Fire offers name change cards that allow players to adjust their nicknames. Therefore, one can use stylish and popular IGNs that are unique and rare. A popular trend these days is to put an invisible space in the Garena Free Fire nickname using Unicode 3164 (Hangul Filler).

Free Fire Invisible Space: How to Place?

Players can place an invisible space for themselves using Unicode 3164, which can be generated from various websites. One such site is, which helps generate the Hangul Filler, or whitespace in place of the game's name.

Here's how users can generate Hangul Filler:

Step 1: Search for the keyword “Hangul Filler” on Google and click on one of the recommended sites.

Step 2: Players need to copy the ” ” Unicode to their artboards by tapping the box provided.

Step 3: use device notes or similar app to paste U+3164.

Step 4: users need to look for overwritten generators online. They may use a site like ''.

Step 5: the Players can use three random alphabets to generate the superscript and copy it to the clipboard, and they will have to paste it into Hangul Filler.

Placing an Invisible Space

To put an invisible space in your Free Fire nick, you need to copy the code that is invisible inside the parenthesis:


If you prefer a smaller space, copy the small space inside the parentheses below:


It is important to remember that this small space only works for Android.

That way, you just need to paste in the field of Nick exchange of your Free Fire.

How to Put Invisible Space in Free Fire using Unicode 3164

Here are all the steps to set an invisible or blank name using Unicode 3164 in Garena Free Fire:

  • Get Unicode character 3164 from this link.
  • Copy the Unicode 3164 character and paste it into your phone's Notes app.
  • After pasting character U+3164 in Notes, copy all random letters in superscript format. Use sites like Lingojam to get superscript characters.
  • Paste these random letters into Hangul Filler as shown below.
  • Select All” and “Copy” and then enter while changing your Free Fire name.

How to use Hangul Filler to define an invisible space?

STEP 1: Copy the Hangul Filler and generated cards.

STEP 2: Open Free Fire and tap the profile banner.

STEP 3: Tap the edit icon and paste the copied material into the box.

STEP 4: Pay the required amount, i.e. 390 diamonds or a name change card, to confirm the transaction.

After the transaction is confirmed, the game will deduct the diamonds or card from the account, updating an invisible nickname.

How to Paste Invisible Space into Nick

If you copied the space at the beginning of the post and don't know how to paste, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: After selecting and copying the invisible space between the parentheses, open the game.

STEP 2: In Free Fire, go to your profile and click on the “Edit Profile” icon, located below your name.

STEP 3: Upon clicking, a new pop-up menu will appear on the screen with basic profile information. Click on the “Edit” icon located next to your nick (nickname).

STEP 4: After clicking, the screen will appear for you to enter the new nick. To paste the space is simple: When typing Nick, press and hold inside the box until the option appears "Necklace".

STEP 5: When pasting the invisible space, put your nick and then click on "Ok".

STEP 6: Your nickname will look like this:

Hope you enjoyed our tutorial on how to put small space. If you liked it, share it with your friend and game partner.

How to Change Name in Free Fire

Free Fire Invisible Space: How to put invisible space (ㅤ) in FF nick

Check out some tutorials below on how to change your name or nick in Free Fire on PC, Android and iPhone.

How to change Free Fire name on PC

  • open your free fire game for pc .
  • Click on the Profile section.
  • You will see a yellow Notebook icon.
  • Enter the new Free Fire name in the dialog box.
  • Now your new Free Fire nickname is saved.

How to change Free Fire Nickname on Android

  • The process to change the name in the Free Fire Mobile game is similar to the one on PC.
  • Go to the profile settings section.
  • Click on the yellow notebook icon.
  • Enter your new name and it will be automatically saved.

How to change Free Fire name on iPhone

Android devices have many options for keyboard, but iOS devices somewhere don't have this facility. For the most part, iPhones don't support the special character keyboard, so you'll have to get your name from somewhere else like looking up good names for Free Fire. Once you find the best Free Fire name for you, you can change the old name to the new one using the process provided above.

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