Free Fire: how to earn money and where to spend it

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Everyone who plays Free Fire Battegrounds wants to get money to buy skins, loot box and characters. Check out our tips to help you earn more money and find out what you can buy in the game's store.

Gold and Diamonds

In Free Fire Battlegrounds there are two types of money: Gold and Diamonds. Gold is earned by the player in the match and diamonds require real money to be used to purchase. Due to their high value, diamonds allow you to immediately buy packs of different characters and rare outfits permanently.

The score in each match will influence how much gold you can earn. Eliminations (kills), headshot eliminations and the time you manage to survive the match will influence how much gold you can get. It's not enough to be first.

Remember that each player only can earn up to 800 gold units per day. Then you will have to wait for the next day to get more money.

Buy skins and loot boxes

Gold can be used to modify the character's clothes, to get loot boxes, buy skill slots, and much more. There are equipment that can be accessed whenever the player levels up or found in loot boxes purchased from the store.

As you can see, it is possible to buy some of these pieces of clothing with the gold earned in-game. These skins do not help the player in the game at all, only in their appearance.

To change characters, it is also necessary to use the money you have earned in the intense firefight that takes place in each match.

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In addition to changing your current character's appearance or buying a new character, you can use your gold to buy random loot boxes.

Just go to the "Cashier" tab and choose one of the versions. The bronze box is cheaper, but with it you have less chance of getting quality items. With the silver box, you are more likely to get rare items, but it is more expensive. In addition to different clothes, shoes and hats, you can pick up more useful items like ammo boxes, armor boxes and special bags.

These items can be used or consumed at the start of each match. Some give you a chance to randomly gain a type of armor, bullet, or bandage, or allow you to increase your carrying capacity. They are consumables, so they can only be used a certain number of times.

Share Free Fire

Sometimes, during the hours of some events, it is possible to share the Free Fire status and earn some cool rewards. Be careful and don't miss out on this easy opportunity to grab coins or even diamonds.

If you don't want to invest real money in Free Fire Battlegrounds, try to earn a lot of in-game gold. Thus, you can customize your characters and even get rare equipment by investing in loot boxes.

The best way to do this is by playing well, so get to know the best weapons and learn where the most advantageous locations on the Free Fire map are.

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