Free Fire: find out which character is ideal for you!

In Free Fire Battlegrounds, players can choose between 43 characters. There are characters with different abilities for different types of players.

Using coins or diamonds, you can buy special characters. Each of them has a different story and different abilities. Check out the list and find out which character is best suited for your style of play:

  • other
  • Leon
  • Dimitri
  • Thiva
  • D-Bee
  • Maro
  • Xayne
  • Shiro
  • Chrono
  • Dasha
  • Jai
  • K
  • Luqueta
  • Clu
  • Jot
  • Alvaro
  • Wolfrah
  • Capella
  • Steffie
  • Notorious
  • Alok
  • Shani
  • joseph
  • A124
  • Rafael
  • Laura
  • Hayato
  • Mucus
  • Wukong
  • Antonio
  • Caroline
  • Miguel
  • Paloma
  • Kla
  • Maximum
  • Misha
  • Nikita
  • Andrew
  • Ford
  • Olivia
  • Kelly


Special ability : When eliminating an enemy, reveals the position of nearby enemies and shares the information with teammates. Abiliity passive.

Price: 599 diamonds.

Otho is a dreamer and like all dreamers he knows how to detect enemies and their position. A good skill to combine with other characters, especially if you play in Squad.


Special ability : Restores health whenever you end a fight. Abiliity passive.

Price: character not available.

This basketball player learned to recover energy faster than other warriors. Save your medkits and inhalers by playing as Leon, especially if you like striking.


Special ability : Creates a zone where the character and teammates recover health for a set amount of time. Allies knocked out within this zone can stand up themselves. Active skill.

Price: 599 diamonds

Dimitri is a sound engineer, so he's used to recovering in the midst of concerts and gun battles. His ability allows him to heal teammates and is very useful in the midst of combat.


Special ability :lifts downed teammates faster and recovers some health every time you get a save. Abiliity passive.

Price: 599 diamonds

Thiva is a singer and musician and is best used in Duo or Squad. His Solo skill is practically useless.


Special ability : Increased movement speed and accuracy when shooting on the move. This is a passive skill.

Price: 599 diamonds

His earned street dancing skill makes D-Bee a good choice for playstyle players who prefer speed and aggression.


Special ability : The greater the distance you shoot, the more damage your shots do. If the enemy is marked, it still deals more damage. Abiliity passive.

Price: 599 diamonds

Maro is an experienced hunter and his skill makes for long shots, especially when paired with a buddy like Moco.


Special Ability: Xayne temporarily gains extra health and deals more damage to ice and shields. This skill is active.

Price: 499 Diamonds

Xayne is an athlete who appreciates danger and extreme conditions. His skill is useful for taking on experienced players and their walls of ice, especially in the final circles.


Skyler is a CEO and superstar who, strangely enough, keeps jumping on an island to shoot other players.

Special ability: Emits a shock wave that damages up to 5 ice walls within 50 meters. Also, whenever you use an ice wall, you gain HP:

Price: 599 diamonds.


Shirou is a martial arts expert. Which makes perfect sense.

Special ability:Shiro marks opponents that hit him for 6 seconds while increasing damage penetration against armor by 50%. This mark is only visible to the player.

Price: It was free in Operation Cobra. Available soon for sale.


Chrono is a bounty hunter from another dimension. It is also very similar to CR7.

Special ability: Creates a force field with 600 points that protects from enemy attacks but allows attacking. In addition, player movement in this force field is increased by 15%. Allies within the forcefield increase your speed by 10%. The skill lasts for 4 seconds with a 50 second cooldown.

Price:buying Chrono Boxes for 30 Diamonds. The probability of catching Chrono is low.


Dasha is a rebel activist.

Special ability: falling damage reduced by 30%; recovers from fall damage by 60% faster; minus 6% recoil

Price: 499 diamonds


Jai is an Indian BOPE police officer.

Special ability: When you eliminate or KO an opponent your weapons automatically recharge up to 30% of their magazine capacity, making this skill profoundly unnecessary.

Price: 499 diamonds


K is a psychology professor, mage and Jiu Jitsu master.

Special ability: EP increases by 50 points. In Jiu Jitsu mode your allies improve their EP as long as they are within a 6 meter radius. Psychology Mode: recovers 2 EP points every 3 seconds, up to 100 EP. After activation, switching modes takes 30 seconds.

Price: 499 diamonds


Luqueta is a football player.

Special ability: Each kill increases your HP by 8, maximum up to 35.

Price: 499 diamonds

Evelyn (Clu)

Clu is a very experienced detective.

Special ability: Detects enemies that are not kneeling or prone within 30 yards.

Price: 499 diamonds


Jota is a stuntman and professional Parkour athlete.

special skilll: Shotgun or submachine gun kills restore 25 HP with a 5 second cooldown.

Price: 499 diamonds


Alvaro is a demolition specialist.

Special ability: Explosive weapons deal more damage if you use Alvaro.

Price: 499 diamonds


Wolfrahh is a streamer who loves to be the center of attention.

special skilll: Center of attention. With each Kill or each Observer, the character's head damage decreases by 3% up to 25% maximum. Damage to enemy arms and legs is increased from 3% to 15% maximum.

Price: 499 diamonds


Kapella is a very famous singer.

Special ability:Kapella can boost her teammates' healing items using a healing song. When KO'd, it decreases an ally's health loss by 20%.

Price: 499 diamonds


Steffie is an expert graffiti artist.

Special ability: Using her paints, Steffie manages to create a shelter that reduces explosion hazard and reduces bullet damage.

Cost: 499 diamonds


Notora is an experienced biker, a good friend of Misha's.

Special ability: When inside a vehicle, Misha recovers his HP as well as his teammates who are in the same vehicle.

Price: 499 diamonds


Alok is a DJ who specializes in intense rhythms.

Special ability: Alok creates an aura that increases speed and regenerates health for his teammates and himself. this skill is fixed in the character, not allowing combinations

Price: 499 diamonds


Shani is a mechanic who specializes in repairing armor.

Special ability: Automatically repairs the vest after getting a kill. If you kill an enemy without taking damage, the vest will improve by itself, stopping at level 3.

Price: 499 diamonds


A physicist and card player, Joseph is very fond of performing magic tricks. Especially with pistols.

Special ability: When taking damage, Joseph's speed increases by 10%.

Price: 499 diamonds


A cybernetic organism produced from new technologies, the A124 will be available soon.

Special ability: Can convert 25 EP points into health. This skill is fixed.

Price: 499 diamonds


Rafael is a mercenary, extremely effective. It is similar to a certain agent and, like him, a specialist in silent attacks.

Special ability: Rafael does not appear on the mini-map for 8 seconds.

Price: 499 diamonds


Laura is a special agent for the forces of law enforcement. She is an expert in precision shooting.

Special ability: Increased accuracy whenever using crosshairs.

Price: 499 diamonds

Hayato: reborn

Shimada Hayato is a samurai from a traditional Japanese family. He carries the warrior traditions in his own genes.

Special ability:The lower Hayato's health bar is, the more damage he deals to his opponents.

Reborn Skill: reduces frontal damage in percentage of the lower Hayato's health.

Price: 499 diamonds

Moco: Reborn

Moco is a hacker capable of breaking security barriers of any computer system and disappearing without a trace. This made her well known in the underworld.

Special ability: Moco can identify enemies on the map whenever he shoots them. In addition, his team can also see this sign. It doesn't last long, so enjoy.

reborn skill: Moco's tag lasts longer if the enemy continues to move after being tagged. Passive skill.

Price: 499 diamonds or 8000 coins


Little is known about the origin of the mysterious Monkey King apart from his skill in the fight against evil. He is a mystical character but vulnerable to the same dangers as humans.

Special ability: Wukong can transform into a bush, camouflaging himself. After using this power, at level 1, it needs 300 seconds to use it again.

Price: 499 diamonds or 8000 coins


Antonio is an orphan. From a young age he learned to survive on his own, creating his first gang at just 7 years old. He is very brave and never says no to a challenge, even in danger.

Special ability: Antonio starts each game with more HP than the other characters

Price: 499 diamonds or 8000 coins

Andrew: Reborn!

A former police officer, Andrew has spent much of his life chasing and eliminating criminals. Due to his experience, he has become an expert in survival and armed combat. Andrew is extremely injury resistant.

Special ability: Bulletproof Vests resist more damage with Andrew, protecting the player for longer.

Reborn Special Ability: Vests are even more resistant, with accumulation if more players in the squad have this passive skill.

Price: 1000 coins

Kelly: Reborn

Kelly's real name is Shimada Kiriko. She is a teenager, still a student. She is an elite athlete, always training on the running track or in the gym.

Special ability: Kelly is the character with the faster sprint of Free Fire. She can use this power to outrun enemies, pick up loot, or escape danger.

reborn skill: After running for a few seconds, your initial shots deal more damage. Passive skill.

Price: 399 diamonds or 2000 coins


A nurse by profession, Olivia specializes in caring for others. She is a suitable character for Duo or Squad modes, as can heal quickly and effectively teammates. In solo mode there is no big advantage.

Special ability: players healed by Olivia receive extra life.

Price: 399 diamonds or 2000 coins


Ford was a sailor. The hard life at sea has increased its resistance and your will to survive. He is the character with the most Free Fire secrets.

Special ability: Ford doesn't take as much damage inside the radioactive zone as other characters

Price: 399 diamonds or 2000 coins


Nikita was a professional bodyguard for some VIPs. Since childhood, she knows how to shoot with different weapons, becoming an Olympic shooting champion.

Special ability: Fastest reloading of any submachine gun

Price: 399 diamonds or 2000 coins


Misha is a racing expert. Brave, she loves speed and loves to leave all her opponents in the dust.

Special ability: use super turbo on all vehicles

Cost: 499 diamonds or 8000 coins


Maxim regularly competes in who eats the most contests. He is a good-natured and smiling gamer who loves to stream while battling with players from all over the world.

Special ability: Maxim is the fastest to use medkits and consume mushrooms.

Cost: 499 diamonds or 8000 coins


An experienced Muay Thay fighter, Kla is a loner who disappeared for years before emerging again. His only motivation is revenge, especially against the Zé Carrinhos.

Special ability: Kla is the character who does the most damage with her fists. Essential for the opening minutes of the game.

Price:499 diamonds or 8000 coins


A heavy arms dealer, Paloma is as beautiful as she is deadly. A former model that all the girls idolized has become a gun sales specialist. If there's dirty business, Paloma is there to take the profit.

Special ability: Thanks to her contacts Paloma is able to carry more AR ammunition without taking up space in her inventory.

Price: 499 diamonds or 8000 coins


A specialist in the Police Operations Battalion, Miguel is a highly trained, lethal PM. He and his battalion comrades eliminated or arrested thousands of criminals, but something went wrong.

Special ability: Miguel fills the EP bar whenever he gets a Kill.

Price: 499 diamonds or 8000 coins


Caroline is very, very rich and spends her life surrounded by her fans and many bodyguards. She is extremely attached to her father and brother and loves Cosplay.

Special ability: Caroline is super fast when she's wielding a shotgun.

Cost: 499 diamonds or 8000 coins

Best of No

These are the two starting characters of Free Fire. They don't have special abilities, but you can use them without spending any coins. It is possible to customize the characters using skins.

Character Experience

Whenever the player gains experience with the number of games played, eliminations, more survival time and leveling up, he will be able to access a flashback of the character's previous life, as well as an improvement in his abilities.

If you access all of your character's experience levels, you will be able to unlock a new exclusive skin in addition to special abilities.

It is now possible to combine skills of three characters that you have bought. You can do this in the "Character" menu. It can combine Andrew's skill with Paloma and Miguel or for example Kelly's speed with Ford's gas resistance with Kla's punching power. Find the best match.

It's important to choose a character that's right for your game type.. If, for example, you prefer to get more kills in solo mode, Andrew and Ford are the best ones. Olivia is ideal for serving as a doctor in Duo or Squad mode and Kelly is ideal for more strategic players.

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