Free Fire: discover the new ranked ranks and rewards

In the Free Fire ranking there are seven patents that start at Bronze and go up to Mestre and now, Challenger. This mode works within seasons that last a month, where players fight opponents from the same division. There are also rewards for your best rank of the season.

First, to play ranked, you need to reach level 5. Within each division, there are different sub-divisions to level up until you move on to the next rank. to climb up, there is a score you get by:

  • Have a good rating in each match;
  • Eliminate more enemies;
  • Revive colleagues;
  • Cause damage.

Don't forget that if you don't get good results, you can fall out of rank. Consistency is the best way to rank up.

O ranked is reset at the end of each season. Depending on your performance in the previous season, you will start at a higher rank when the new season starts.


  • Bronze I: 1000 coins
  • Bronze II: 1 Airdrop, 1 Scanner; 5 Tokens, 1000 moedas
  • Bronze III: 1 Bonfire, 1 Treasure Map, 10 Tokens, 1000 Coins


  • Prata I: Silver Ribbon, 2 Airdrop, 20 Tokens, 1500 Coins
  • Silver II: 1 Airdrop, 2 Treasure Maps, 30 Tokens, 1500 Coins
  • Prata III: 1 Bonfire, 2 Scanners, 40 Tokens, 1500 Coins


  • Gold I: Gold Ribbon, Gold Jacket, 50 Tokens, 2000 Coins
  • Gold I: Card 50% Uppar XP; Gold coupon, 70 Tokens, 2000 coins
  • Gold I: 2 Bonfires, 2 Airdrops, 90 Tokens, 2000 Coins
  • Gold IV: 2 Airdrops, 2 Treasure Maps, 2000 Coins


  • Platinum I: Platinum Sash, 50% Uppar XP Card, 150 Tokens, 2500 Coins
  • Platinum II: 2 Bonfires, 2 Gold Coupons; 200 Tokens, 2500 Coins
  • Platinum III: 3 Scanners, 2 Airdrops; 250 Tokens; 2500 moedas
  • Platinum IV: 3 Gold Coupons; 3 Treasure maps; 300 Tokens, 2500 Coins


  • Diamond I: Diamond Sash, Card to get 50% more Gold, 350 Tokens, 3000 Coins
  • Diamond II: 3 Bonfires, 2 Crates, 425 Tokens, 3000 Coins
  • Diamond III: 3 treasure maps, 3 chests, 525 Tokens, 3000 coins
  • Diamond IV: 3 Airdrops, 3 Gold Coupons, 625 tokens, 3000 coins


Rewards: Master Sash, Master Jacket, 750 Tokens, 5000 Coins, Master Wallpaper


Only the top 300 players from each region will be able to claim this new rank.

Now that you know all the patents, it's time to climb the ladder with our 10 advanced tips to become a Free Fire master!

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