Free Fire: Complete Contra Squad Mode Guide!

Free Fire's Contra Squad mode was added to the game at the end of 2022 and soon became one of the most popular modes in the game, along with Battle Royale. Due to the great success, Contra Squad received a Competitive Mode in April 2020 to cater to those players who are not kidding around. If you still don't know the Free Fire CS mode, check below everything you need to know to play these frantic matches!

Contra Squad Mode Rules

  • Matches take place between 2 squads of 4 players (4x4) on a reduced and reworked version of the Bermuda map.
  • The matches take place in the best of 7 rounds (MD7), that is, the first team to win 4 rounds wins the match.
  • The objective of the rounds is very simple: eliminate the enemy squad.
  • At the start of the game, all players start with just one pistol and $500. As rounds go by, players get more money (teams that win rounds get more).
  • At the beginning of each round, players have a Combat Preparation period (20 seconds), in which they can purchase the desired weapons and equipment. When the draw time runs out, the rounds begin and the teams can now attack each other.
  • Rounds take place in two periods: the first has 30 seconds in which the Safe Zone is fixed. Then the circle begins to close over the course of 2 minutes.
  • The player who dies during a round loses all purchased equipment and must purchase again in the next round.
  • The player who survives the round keeps all equipment for the next round.

Ranked Contra Squad Ranks

The ranked Contra Squad has its own patent system divided into:







Each rank is divided into 3 ranks (Silver I, Silver II, Silver III, etc). To rank up you need to earn stars as follows:

  • Victory: 1 star.
  • Consecutive victory: 1 star in addition to the one above.
  • 3 consecutive wins: 1 star in addition to the ones above.

To rank up within the Bronze rank, you need 3 stars (3 stars to go up to Bronze II and 3 more to go up to Bronze III). In the Silver patent the number needed goes up to 4 stars, and so on.

Ranked Contra Squad Rewards

Garena has not yet informed what the rewards of the ranked CS Mode will be. It is speculated that they are old skins that are not currently available in the game.

Weapons and equipment available in Contra Squad Mode

CS Mode does not have all weapons and equipment available in Free Fire Battle Royale. For no surprises, check out the full list of what you can buy at the start of the rounds and their prices below:


  • M500: 400 $
  • G18: 500 $
  • desert eagle: 900 $
  • M60: 1100 $
  • kar98k: 1100 $
  • famas: 1200 $
  • Thompson: 1200 $
  • AN94: 1200 $
  • MP5: 1400 $
  • P90: 1600 $
  • M1187: 1700 $
  • M1014: 1800 $
  • AK: 1900 $
  • XM8: 2000 $
  • SCAR: 2000 $
  • MP40: 2100 $
  • AWM: 2200 $


  • Colete LV2: 400 $
  • Cloak LV2: 200 $
  • Colete LV3: 1000 $
  • Repair kit: 200 $


  • Pomegranate: 200 $
  • gel wall: 200 $
  • Smoked Pomegranate (exclusiva do Modo CS): 300 $
  • LV3 mushroom: 100 $

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