Fortnite Tracker: stats, events and tables for your gameplay!

Fortnite Tracker is a complete platform for anyone who plays Fortnite. The site maintains several statistics about players from our country and the world, performance tables, updated rankings, list of events and on top of that it is a space where the community can interact and even upload their best moments within the game. If you still don't know Fortnite Tracker, see below how to access the site and check out everything it can offer!

Creating your Fortnite Tracker account

First, go to and, in the upper right corner of the home, click on "Login Or Register". On the next screen, fill in your details and click "Next Step":

In the next step you will need to inform the platform (PC, PS4, Xbox, etc) on which you play and enter your data to link your account to Fortnite Tracker:

Okay, you're in!

Browsing Fortnite Tracker

Once you log into Fortnite Tracker, you will see the screen above where you have access to quick information about news, top performers and popular items. At the top you will find the following menus:

My Stats - Player stats

To check your stats, you just need to type your Fortnite name in the white box in the middle of the screen. There's no other way to say it: you'll simply see EVERYTHING related to your gameplay, with data gathered from your first game play. You can also use the tool to look up the stats of any other player linked to Fortnite Tracker.

LFG - Group creation tool

LFG stands for "Looking For Group". In it you can use various filters by platform, region, game mode, etc., to find groups of players the way you want. You also have the option to join already formed groups and join others in the game, on Discord or on other platforms.

Challenges - Desafios

In this menu you will find challenges created by Fortnite Tracker itself. To participate, simply enter your game name in the text box at the top of the page.

The challenges are quite simple, like getting more wins or more kills. Generally, players who complete challenges earn the right to participate in a V-Bucks giveaway or some recognition icon (like a medal, for example) on their Fortnite Tracker profile. Some challenges may also have real money prizes.

Leaderboards - Ranques

This menu presents several ranking tables with different criteria. Are they:

Leaderboards: list of players who have won the most wins.

TRN Rating Leaderboards: list of the best rated players by the site.

Win Streak Leaderboards: List of players with the longest winning streaks.

Single Match Kills Leaderboards: List of players who got the most kills in a single match.

Showdown only: List of players with the best performance in Solo matches.

Events - Eventos

The Fortnite Tracker Events tool keeps you up to date on all Fortnite events: those in progress, those yet to come, and even those that are over.

Creatives - Database for community creations

Probably the best thing Fortnite Tracker has to offer. The Creatives menu brings together various maps created by players so that others have access to different game modes. Create your own, set your own rules and share it with everyone!

Replays - Post your best plays on the site!

A very simple tool for you to upload your Fortnite videos.

Weapons - Fortnite weapon stats

In this menu you can find all Fortnite weapons. By clicking on each one, you are taken to another screen where you can check all the stats of the selected weapon.

Support - Support

Menu to contact the site or report undue advertisements.

GO Premium

You also have the option of subscribing to Fortnite Tracker Premium to enjoy the ad-free site, have more profile customization options, and gain priority in Support.

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