Find out how to easily create a lever in Minecraft

Did you know that the lever is one of the most useful items in the Minecraft universe? From small projects to large constructions, this is an essential tool for fans of the game.

Know now the function of the lever and learn how to build yours.

The function of the lever in Minecraft

This simple item serves as a necessary switch for redstone mineral power circuits. This means that the lever is a mechanism used to supply power to redstone dust, redstone repeater and comparator and even activate mechanical components that are in its proximity.

The levers can be used from operating lights in a home to complex power systems in mines.

How to make a lever?

1. Get the necessary materials: sticks and boulders

If you already have sticks and boulders in your inventory, you can skip this stage. If not, see how easy it is to get the items needed to make your lever.

Boulders spawn in natural occurrences (such as strongholds, Jungle Temples or dungeons, for example) or can be obtained by mining stone with the use of a pickaxe. You can also obtain this material through a boulder generator.

Sticks are easily acquired from wood. Place a wooden cube in the center of the crafting grid and you will get four wooden planks. Then place two of the boards and place one in the center and one at the bottom, this way you will get four sticks.

2. Time to create the lever

With just a stick and a boulder, you can easily create this handy switch. Place a stick in the center of the crafting grid and, just below, place the boulder.

Once the lever is created, place this new item in your inventory.

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