FIFA 20: 12 tips to succeed in Career Mode!

FIFA 20 Career mode is quite challenging! With new mechanics in charge of the team and the club's finances, being a good Manager is not easy for everyone. That's why we created this article with 12 simple tips for you to succeed and, who knows, even win a Champions League!

1. Be aware of the Season's goals

Always keep an eye on what the club expects from you

This tip is basic, but not all players follow it. Your club management will make it clear at the beginning of the year what you need to achieve to make them happy.

Of course it will depend on the team. Barcelona are supposed to win LaLiga and win the Champions League. Leicester City, on the other hand, if they stay in the middle of the table, it's already good. Financial issues count too!

Pay attention to priority goals and do your best to fulfill them. Something that's cool is choosing a challenging or average team and trying to go beyond what you've been asked to fulfill. This way you can stand out more as a coach.

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2. Keep your players morale high

Never before has keeping your players happy been more relevant to your success in Career mode. If your people don't like you, you can be sure that you'll be fired soon.

There are several ways to keep player morale balanced. One of them is keeping your promises and fulfilling them whenever possible. Don't allow intrigue to be created in the locker room by giving preference to one over the other. If a player asks to join, put him in, at least a few minutes.

Another important tip here is to go to press conferences when you feel morale is low. Give some smart answers in favor of the team and you'll see the level rise.

3. Look for promising players

Mbappé is the best young talent in FIFA 20

Promise players are those youngsters up to 21 years old who have high career potential. They may have 67 Overall now, but in about 5 seasons they can reach 87. If your intention is to stay in this game mode for a long time, they are indispensable in your strategy.

You must pay your Scouts to find you talents. The bad thing is that you have to pay, and that can jeopardize finances more than bring any benefit.

That's why we recommend that you take a look at our list of young talents to hire in all positions.

4. Go to our country and Argentina to look for talents for the academy

Everyone knows that South America is one of the biggest talent producers in the football world. Messi and Neymar are just a few examples from a list of dozens. By the way, Argentina and our country are two of the countries where you can find great pieces for your youth academy.

Of course you shouldn't limit your search. England and Spain are two other good countries that have high quality players. Keep an eye on and monitor some specific nations to facilitate and narrow your search.

5. Pay attention to more experienced players

In addition to the aforementioned young talents, there are other types of players in FIFA 20's Career mode for you to sign. In most cases they are older, but don't underestimate them for that. They are experienced names that still have a lot to add to their team. See below:

  • Free players: these are without a club, without a contract and practically go to your team for free. Just offer them a good salary and they will surely end up on your squad.
  • Players at the end of their contract: they are not without a club, but if you're lucky, you won't have to pay for them. There are very high quality names on the list, such as Modric and Sergio Ramos
  • Veteran players: Chiellini and Ibrahimovic are two of the responsa veterans you can sign. Yes, they are not cheap, but they add a lot of quality to the team
  • Loan Players: These are the ones who will go through a season of "testing" on your team, so you can decide if they're worth buying

6. Use the delegate option in hiring

The hiring part can give a headache to those who are not familiar with the system. As a rule, we have no clue as to how much to offer for an athlete in terms of contract and salary. The game just doesn't say. Even if we know the market value, in reality trading is always more expensive.

A good tip is to use the "delegate" option. When you delegate, another employee will negotiate with the player and their club, revealing the minimum and maximum that this player expects to receive. Getting to the numbers, cancel the delegate option and negotiate yourself.

7. Use your players in trades to get better ones

Know when swapping one player for another can be a good option

We've all seen clubs in the real world offer players in negotiations to have a better name in the squad. This has been built into FIFA's Career mode, which can make your signings easier.

Try to analyze the team you trade with to see which position they are most interested in. From there, in addition to the money, offer them a player from your club. With luck they accept, which lessens your financial investment.

8. Evolve players with custom workouts

Even though personalized workouts are on automatic, they are one of the best ways to take your promises to a much higher level of quality. Mainly because promises have a high evolution margin, which can allow them to reach their full potential faster.

9. Rotate holders

It's not just about giving chances to all players here. When you have a full and tight schedule, it is inevitable that you will have to leave some of your best names on the bench in certain matches, as they will tire you out.

Pay attention to your game schedule and set up a rotation strategy. This way you will prevent important names from getting injured unnecessarily, yielding much less on the field than they could.

One suggestion that many FUT players make is to create two starting teams and alternate between them. In Career mode, you can't do it the same way as Ultimate Team, but nothing prevents you from writing down the A holders and the B holders in a notebook.

10. Don't let renovations pass you by

In the same way that you can sign players for free at the end of their contract, you can lose important players if you don't renew with them. This is very important!

Within six months of finalizing the terms with their club they can go for free to any team. And we're sure you don't want that!

11. Participate in pre-season tournaments

Pre-season is great for gaining experience

Super common in Europe and the United States, pre-season tournaments prepare the squads for the marathon of games that will come next year. It's an opportunity to introduce the new signings and to merge the squad.

In FIFA 20's career mode there are several invites that you will receive from these competitions. They are for you to earn money, which helps you sign better players for the start of the season.

12. Master the set pieces

This tip is for the entire game, we know, but it's even more useful in Career. Even more so now that the set pieces system is completely overhauled and very difficult to master. Basically a foul or a penalty can decide the game in your favor and lead you to a title.

So check out our tutorial on how to take free kicks and take penalties masterfully!

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