Everything you need to know about Darkrai in Pokémon GO!

Darkrai, the Nightmare Pokémon, is one of the legendary creatures of the Sinnoh region. In Pokémon GO, Darkrai is classified as a Mythical Pokémon, and is one of the Level 5 raid bosses. Additionally, Darkrai is the best Dark Pokémon in the game in terms of damage. Check out everything you need to know about one of the most coveted Pokémon in Pokémon GO below!

Darkrai's Type, Weaknesses, and Resistances

Darkrai is a type pokemon Dingy, therefore, has weaknesses to:

  • Fairy (takes 160%)
  • Fighter (takes 160%)
  • Insect (takes 160%)

On the other hand, their resistances are:

  • Ghost (takes 63%)
  • Night (takes 63%)
  • Psychic (takes 39%)

Best Darkrai Counters

In descending order of the time needed to defeat Darkrai, here is the list of your best counters with the respective movesets needed:

  • Lucario (Counter-attack + Spherical Aura)
  • Competition durr (Counterattack + Dynamic Punch)
  • Breloom (Counterattack + Dynamic Punch)
  • machamp (Counterattack + Dynamic Punch)
  • Competition durr (Counterattack + Focused Burst)
  • Blaziken (Counterattack + Focused Burst)
  • machamp (Karate Strike + Dynamic Punch)
  • Volcarona (Sting + Insect Buzz)
  • Lucario (Counter attack + Melee)
  • gardevoir (Enchant + Dazzling Flash)

Basically, when facing Darkrai in raids, take your best Fighting-type Pokemon (with the right moves, of course), and complete the team with Fairy and Bug.

Available moves and best moveset

  • Agile attacks available: Stealth Attack and Growl.
  • Charged attacks available: Shadow Pulse, Shadow Ball and Focused Burst.

Whether for raids or for PvP (Player vs Player), the best possible moveset for Darkrai is Snarl + Shadow Pulse. Both attacks receive a 20% damage bonus for being the same type as Darkrai, and Snarl generates slightly more energy than Stealth Attack.

In the case of Dark Pulse, it's Darkrai's only Dark-type attack, so you need to have it under any circumstances. If you want to acquire a second charged attack, add shadow ball, as it is one of the best charged attacks in the game.


  • Max CP: 3739
  • Attack: 285 (12th best in the game)
  • Defense: 198 (82th best in the game)
  • Stamina: 172 (268th best in the game)

Darkrai's place in the metagame

PVE (Reides)

Darkrai is the best Dark Pokemon in the game in terms of DPS (damage per second) in raids. He is by far the best option for countering any boss that has weakness against Dark typing.

If we also consider Shadow pokemons (from Team Rocket), Darkrai still holds the 6th place in the list of most Shadow damage in the game, even though it doesn't have the 20% additional damage bonus.

PvP (GO Battle League)

  • big league: At the moment, Darkrai does not enter the Great League due to its minimum CP of 1.602.
  • ultra alloy: The lack of general stamina makes Darkrai extremely weak in this league, but its typing and attacks still make it a great counter to Giratinas (Origin and Altered) and Cresselia.
  • Master League: Darkrai is considered the 11th best pok√©mon for the Master League, especially for countering both Giratinas and the many other relevant Dragons in the meta of that league. Due to its ability to kill multiple Pokemon with a single charged attack, Darkrai is best used last when the opponent has no shields left.

Further information

  • Darkrai has a shiny version.
  • As a Mythical and Dark Pok√©mon, Darkrai cannot be traded with other players.
  • As a companion, Darkrai demands 20km walk to find a candy.
  • The price to buy a second charged attack for Darkrai is 100 Sweets e 100.000 of Stardust.

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