Euro Truck Simulator 2: 10 mods to transform the game

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is, at first, focused only on Europe. But of course our countrymen couldn't let it go cheap and made several mods to make the game the face of our country! In this article we have separated a Top 10 with the best modifications

1. Radios in our country


Do you want to make traveling around our country more lively and real? Then download and install this mod! It brings more than 150 radio stations from our country, from the most famous to those that nobody knows about. It's sure that some national songs you'll recognize along the way!

2. Trailers of our country companies


Nobody wants to transport only products from European brands. As the subject is being BR, nothing more fair and coherent than being a truck driver of the most famous brands in our country. Of course, several are not exactly national, but no problem! From time to time you will find a Frimesa or even a Casas Bahia in front of you.

3. Post Office Skin


If the previous mod isn't enough for you, this one might be. Anyone who complains that the Post Office is bad in our country is because they don't know how hard it is to take orders from North to South. So add this skin and be a carrier of other people's goods throughout our country!

4. Our country-Peru-Bolivia connection


Tired of traveling "alone" around our country? Well, you can always take a look and go to other countries in South America. Two of them are Bolivia and Peru! And this mod allows you to make this connection very interesting and with very beautiful landscapes!

5. Complete map of our country


This is perhaps one of the best mods of "Euro Truck Simulator our country". After all, with it you have access to the WHOLE country by truck. Of course, it is impossible to drive through all the cities in our country, but the capitals are there, in addition to dozens of smaller, but equally important, municipalities.

OBS.: this mod requires that you have installed the DLC Scandinavia & Going East.

6. Mercedes-Benz LS 1111


If you've ever watched a Brazilian movie set in the 60's and 90's, you must have seen a Mercedes-Benz LS 1111. This truck is a classic from the countryside of our country and the country's dirt roads.

7. Police Pickup


Notice in the photo that even the BOPE symbol is present on the car. Anyone who wants to pass through the Police of our country throughout their travels, has the perfect opportunity in this mod!

8. Cars from our country


This mod adds "our country cars" to Euro Truck Simulator 2. But what are our country cars? The creator of the modification promises buses, motorcycles and passenger cars similar to those we see around in our country. Not a big deal, but at the same time something pretty cool.

9. Our country's Army Truck


Do you want to drive a truck of our country's Army and transport a radioactive cargo? The cargo, of course, shouldn't be anything radioactive, but the green truck with the Military emblem is pretty cool! Ideal for those who like this theme.

10. GPS with our country voice


Finally, there is no point in driving in our country and having a GPS in English. So install this mod and have the convenience of having the GPS talking to you in our country's language.

How to install the mods?

Installing the mods is a process that is mostly simple. We usually download and replace files installed on the computer with those that are downloaded. But of course some require tools, applications or even prerequisites such as DLCs.

Anyway, this can be verified on each mod's own pages. The creators explain how to install and which files to replace.

Just be careful not to damage your game or your save file. Backup your game so as not to lose your progress.

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