Don't Starve: All Characters, Traits and Attributes!

Don't Starve and its expansions have several characters to choose from. Each one has its own history, attributes, advantages and disadvantages that must be known in order for you to survive. Many important features are not revealed in the official description of the game and therefore take many players by surprise. To make your life easier in this game that is already not easy, we've brought you a compilation of all the playable characters in 2020, along with the essential information to get you started. Check out!


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Health: 200

Considered the most balanced character, Wilson's main feature is his beard, which grows gradually over time in the game and reaches its maximum size in 16 days. The beard helps the character keep warm in winter (when the game's difficulty increases a lot).

When spring comes, you can shave Wilson's beard using the Razor item. This will create the Beard Hair item, which is used to craft the Meat Effigy, one of the three ways to resurrect in Don't Starve.

How to unlock: is the starting character.


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Health: 120

Willow starts the game with an item of her own: Willow's Lighter. The item is an infinite light source, but with a slightly smaller radius than a torch.

Unfortunately, the character is a pyromaniac, so if her sanity is below 60 she can set fire to whatever is around her, without the player commanding her to do so. The advantage is that she is immune to fire and recovers sanity close to it.

How to unlock: 160XP (8 days).


  • Health150-300
  • Hunger: 300
  • Health: 200

Wolfgang is one of the fighting characters in the game. When on a full stomach, he moves faster and deals triple damage (!!!). The downsides are that he gets hungry faster and loses more sanity in the dark and around monsters.

How to unlock: 320XP (16 days).


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Health: 200

Wendy is one of the weakest characters in the game as she does very little damage in combat. However, she can summon her sister's ghost, which in turn can finish off many mobs quickly (but not good against bosses). Wendy also loses less sanity in the dark.

How to unlock: 640XP (32 days).


  • Health100-400
  • Hunger100-200
  • Health100-300

WX-78 is the robot character from Don't Starve. Its basic attributes (health, hunger and sanity) are lower than normal but can be upgraded by eating Gears. WX-78 can also eat spoiled food without losing health or sanity.

If WX-78 is struck by lightning, he enters System Overload mode and loses 33 sanity and gains 100 health. In this mode, the character moves much faster, emits its own torch-like light, and is immune to frostbite. The mode lasts for about a full day.

The big downside of WX-78 is that it takes damage in the rain.

How to unlock: 960XP (48 days).


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Health: 250

Wickerbottom is a kind of sorceress. Its special ability is to have an exclusive menu of magic book crafts with the most varied effects. The character can also craft all Science Machine recipes, without the machine, in addition to having 250 maximum sanity, the highest in the game.

Wickerbottom's biggest downside is that she has insomnia, so she can't regain sanity by sleeping and the player has to compensate with other ways. She also loses more sanity when eating raw or spoiled food.

How to unlock: 1280XP (64 days).


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Health: 200

Woodie starts the game with an exclusive item: the Lucia axe. The ax has infinite durability and cuts trees much faster than normal. He is also fully aware and talks to Woodie all the time. IT'S.

Woodie's downside is his curse. It has its own attribute with a wooden log icon. When this bar reaches 25% or less, the character transforms into a Lobicastor (half man, half beaver, of course). In this form, the entire game HUD disappears, including the inventory, leaving only the wood gauge. The gauge increases as you eat wooden items, and if it reaches 0, Woodie returns to normal form with all stats at 50.

While in Lobicastor form, Woodie loses sanity much faster, but absorbs 80% of damage and is capable of chopping down trees, digging, mining, and destroying buildings, as well as having unlimited night vision.

How to unlock: 1600XP (80 days).


  • Health: 113
  • Hunger: 113
  • Health: 150

Wes is a mime incapable of speech. He is considered one of the worst characters in the game as he has lower base stats than normal and also gets hungry faster.

Wes's unique advantage isn't very good either. He has the ability to craft balloons at a cost of 5 sanity. The balloons explode, dealing 5 damage to everything around them, and can also cause chain reactions with other balloons nearby. They can also be used to attract mobs.

How to unlock: Find Wes' rescue in Adventure Mode.


  • Health: 75
  • Hunger: 150
  • Health: 200

Maxwell is one of the most interesting characters in the game. Despite having a lower max health than normal, he recovers sanity naturally over time, unlike all other characters in the game. This allows him to perform sanity-spending actions without any worries.

Maxwell also starts the game with several items: Sword of Shadows, Armor of Shadows, Purple Gem, 4 Nightmare Foods and an Umbra Codex. The Codex is used to summon shadow puppets in exchange for 15 health and 2 Nightmare Foods. Additionally, each puppet reduces Maxwell's maximum sanity by 55.

Maxwell's shadow puppets can perform any activity, from farming any material to fighting. However, they only have 1 HP, so they are not suitable for fights. Upon death, puppets regenerate lost maximum sanity.

How to unlock: Complete Adventure Mode.


  • Health: 200
  • Hunger: 120
  • Health: 120

Wigfrid is the second fighting character, alongside Wolfgang. Her perks are all combat related: she deals 25% more damage with weapons and takes 25% less damage. When killing enemies, she regenerates health and sanity.

Wigfrid also starts the game with his own items: Battle Spear and Battle Helmet, which are upgraded versions of the Spear and Football Helmet.

Wigfrid's downside is that it only eats meat, meaning you can't feed on many items easily found on the island.

How to unlock: 1920XP no Reign of Giants.


  • Health: 175
  • Hunger: 175
  • Health: 100

Webber is a child who was eaten by a spider, but did not die, and now lives inside it. Like Wilson, his main advantage is his beard that helps to insulate the cold. Despite providing only 75% of the protection of Wilson's beard, Webber's beard grows faster and reaches full length in 9 days.

Webber also has advantages related to spiders. They see Webber as a neutral being, so they don't attack him without reason. Also, if you give meat to a spider it will follow you for 1 whole day, attacking any hostile mobs for you. Webber does not lose sanity around spiders and can also build his own nest.

The only downside to Webber is that monsters that are normally neutral but hostile to spiders will attack you.

How to unlock: In Reign of Giants, find Webber's Skull as a spider drop. Then bury the skull in some open grave. A bolt of lightning will strike the pit immediately and the character will revive.


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Health: 200

Winona is an expert engineer. Her main feature is an exclusive engineering tab through which she can craft various items of her own.

Winona starts the game with 3 Reliable Tapes capable of repairing several damaged items, in addition to being necessary in the craft of her engineering items, which are:

  • Winona spotlight: used as a light source.
  • Winona's Catapult: Deals area damage.
  • Winona's Generator: Powers Winona's crafts with energy.
  • Winona's GEMrador: Also fuels Winona's crafts with energy, but its capacity is much higher.

Winona's disadvantages are only related to her work. She gets hungry fast if she works hard, and if her hunger is below 50, her crafts will be slowed down.

How to unlock: Exclusive to Don't Starve Together. Immediately available.


  • Health: 200
  • Hunger: 175
  • Health: 150

Wortox is one of the last characters added in Don't Starve Together. Its main feature is the use of Souls, exclusive items of the character.

Wortox starts the game with 6 Souls and can collect more of any dead creature in the game. It is not necessary for Wortox to kill them himself, just get close to any dead creature and the Soul will run alone for the character.

Souls are used to use a kind of dimensional jump in which Wortox disappears and appears in the chosen place. The skill is perfect for evading mobs. Additionally, Souls can be dropped to heal allies and feed Wortox itself, in exchange for sanity.

Wortox's downside is that it only gets half its nutrition from food, so it's hard to keep it well fed without using Souls. He also needs to be careful not to accumulate more than 20 Souls (so he must be careful when passing close to them), otherwise he loses 20 sanity.

How to unlock: exclusive to Don't Starve Together and obtained through the Wortox Chest, Wortox Deluxe Chest or 2700 Spools.


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Health: 200

Wormwood is a humanoid plant species that has a unique craft menu. The main characteristic of the character is the affinity with plants, which allows him to plant seeds without the need for farms. For each planting, Wormwood gains 10 sanity.

Wormwood's downside is that it loses sanity whenever it is close to a plant that takes damage. This involves burning, cutting and even harvesting. He is also more susceptible to fire than other characters.

How to unlock: exclusive to Hamlet. Immediately available.


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 250
  • Health: 200

Warly is a professional cook and starts the game with a portable pot and bag that keeps food longer.

Warly also has a unique menu of recipes that give the character special abilities, from increasing his damage, creating a light source and reversing attributes, to dealing with climate change by raising or lowering his body temperature.

Warly's downside is that he can't eat food that hasn't been properly prepared in his pot. This involves spoiled, raw, or otherwise cooked food. He also gets hungry faster than usual.

Warly doesn't like to eat the same thing every day either. If you repeat the same food within 2 days, the stat gain will be less than normal.

How to unlock: 2560XP em Don't Starve Together.


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 225
  • Health: 150

Wagstaff is something of a tinker scientist and is one of the very few characters that doesn't need to be unlocked in the game. Its main advantages are related to bodywork: it has an exclusive crafting tab that allows it to make special offensive, defensive and utility items. In addition, Wagstaff has a very high Hunger attribute (225) that allows him to survive without food for up to 3 days.

Wagstaff's downside is his terrible eyesight. The character totally depends on the craft of special glasses that, in addition to giving him unique abilities (infrared vision, shield and fireballs), help him to see better. Without them, Wagstaff cannot see more than 4 units away, and cannot distinguish items either. Thus, the player always has to spend an equipment slot with the use of special glasses, which can bring a lot of problems.

How to unlock: immediately available


  • Health: 120
  • Hunger: 200
  • Health: 200

Walani is an extremely relaxed surfer. She is a character exclusive to the Shipwrecked expansion and also one of the easiest to play. Her main advantages are related to her surfboard. With it, Walani can move through the water faster than using a Raft, as well as allowing her to ride big waves to gain a massive speed boost.

Regarding his stats, Walani gets hungry a little faster than normal, which is no problem due to the high cap (200). She also dries up faster than all other characters, and is less affected by causes that damage Sanity over time.

Walani's only real downside is her low Health.

How to unlock: 2240 XP in Shipwrecked. Exclusive to this expansion.


  • Health: 125
  • Hunger: 175
  • Health: 150

Wilbur the Monkey King comes with all the advantages and disadvantages of a primate. First, he can run up to 33% faster than normal if he is on the move for more than 3 seconds. This makes exploring and evading enemies much faster. Another big advantage is that any Monkey in the game considers Wilbur a friend, and can follow him if he gets Bananas. He also regenerates 10 Sanity when eating Bananas.

Wilbur's biggest disadvantage is that he can't speak. With this, players do not receive written warnings about nearby dangers or anything else. Thus, it is necessary to pay much more attention to the sounds and other hints on the screen. Wilbur also moves slower than usual before he starts his run.

How to unlock: Exclusive to the Shipwrecked expansion. get the item spotted crown and delivered it to Wilbur, found on a raft in the Ocean, usually at the divide between deep and shallow water. The Crown can be dropped from Primate Monkeys (by killing them or feeding them Bananas) or by destroying a Monkey Hut.


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 150
  • Health: 120

Woodlegs is a pirate with absolutely all the typical traits. Its main advantage is being able to craft an exclusive boat that can fire infinite cannon shots. The character also has a unique hat that allows him to spawn and locate more treasures. Woodlegs do not lose Sanity at sea.

On the other hand, Woodlegs have lower Sanity than average, and to make matters worse, they lose Sanity faster whenever they're on land. This is the character's only major disadvantage, as it is quite difficult to manage his Sanity, requiring a different style of play. With Woodlegs, you're better off being a nomad than laying big foundations.

How to unlock: Exclusive to the Shipwrecked expansion. To unlock Woodlegs it is necessary to find him in a cage in the Volcano. To free him, you need to find 3 keys:

  • Iron Key: Dropped by Quacken.
  • Gold Key: Received randomly through trading with Yaarctopus.
  • Bone Key: Chance to obtain every time you fish a Watery Cave.

After using the 3 keys, Woodlegs will be released and will be available as a playable character.


  • Health: 150
  • Hunger: 200
  • Health: 100

Wilba is the daughter of Queen Malfalfa and Princess of the Pig Kingdom. Due to a curse, the character is forced to wear the Silver Necklace item to prevent turning into a Werewolf. The item drains her Sanity constantly.

As the Queen of Pigs, Wilba will not be attacked by pigs unless she attacks first. Thus, she is free to farm items on her properties and do whatever she wants in the pig towns that sometimes even deliver gifts to the princess. Wilba can also feed on monster meat without receiving any negative effects.

Wilba's only downside is that she is afraid of the dark, losing Sanity 50% faster than normal.

How to unlock: Exclusive to the Hamlet expansion. To unlock it, it is necessary to defeat Queen Womant to obtain the Royal Crown. After doing this, simply deliver the item to Wilba in the Palace, two rooms to the left of the Souvenir Shop.


  • Health: 100
  • Hunger: 150
  • Health: 200

Wheeler is an explorer who crashed her hot air balloon on the game's island. She walks 5% faster than other characters and 1% faster for each empty inventory slot. She also has a unique ability called Dodge, which allows her to move freely through some units while becoming invulnerable.

Wheeler also has unique items that allow her to fire items to damage mobs, as well as being able to detect the nearest desired items.

Wheeler's only minor downside is that she has 3 fewer inventory slots than other characters (12 instead of 15).

How to unlock: 3200 XP in Hamlet. Exclusive to this expansion.


  • Health: 150 or 250
  • Hunger: 200 or 250
  • Health: 150 or 200

Wurt is one of the most unique characters in the game. Representative of the Merm race, she is able to craft the Royal Tapestry structure, which facilitates the creation of the King of Merms. With this, all Merms, including Wurt, change their appearance and gain new characteristics.

Wurt can also craft shelters for Merms and befriend them by giving them food. In addition, the character suffers 50% less effect from Damp. Her main advantage is to gain 33% more Hunger if she eats certain vegetables. She can also read certain Books which may confer Sanity bonuses or penalties.

Wurt's disadvantage is that she hates and is hated by pigs, meaning she is immediately attacked by them. She also cannot eat anything made with Meat or Eggs, and if she keeps any type of Fish, she will lose Sanity over time.

How to unlock: Exclusive of Do Not Starve Together and won by Wurt Chest, Wurt Deluxe Chest, or 2700 Carretéis (Spools).


  • Health: 130
  • Hunger: 110
  • Health: 200

Walter is a boy who got lost in the Don't Starve scenario and made a friend: the dog Woby, who accompanies him serving as an extra inventory space, mount and also reinforcement to attack mobs. Woby can also be fed Monster Meat to become Big Woby.

Walter also wields a unique item: a Slingshot that can be carried by various types of ammo. It also doesn't lose Sanity with effects like night and twilight, but it also doesn't benefit from various Sanity boosting items. Walter also prepares food faster than other characters and loses 50% less Hunger while sleeping.

Its main disadvantage is losing twice as much Sanity for every Health point lost. He also takes 10 extra damage from any type of Bee.

How to unlock: Immediately available in Don't Starve Together.

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