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In Dota 2, there are medals for everyone. But until you reach the Leaderboard, where the best players are, you will get 7 different medals.

Ranks are the recognition players get for their dedication to Dota 2. All medals have value and a streak to the top.

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This is your rank as long as you haven't done the rank calibration. You need to do 10 games to earn your first medal. These games will be based on your last season's MMR.

1. Herald

2. Guardian

3. Crusader

4. Archon

5. Legend

6. Ancient

7. Divine

Special patents for the best players

When you pass the rank of Divine, you enter the Leaderboard, where the best players of the season are. From here there are 3 special medals for the best Dota 2 players and only Solo Games count towards ranking up. The medal also displays your ranking on the Leaderboard.

Leaderboard patent

This is the medal guaranteed for joining the elite of the Leaderboard. It is the same as the Divine Medal, but with the 5-star detail.

Top 100 na Leaderboard

If you manage to reach the top 100 players, you'll get this pretty cool medal. This rank means that you are very close to reaching the top.

Top 10 na Leaderboard

This is the medal that all players dream of achieving. Getting this medal means you've reached the maximum rank and is the reward for all the hours and dedication to Dota 2.

Check out the current Leaderboard, where the world's best players are listed!

How to get patent

Not all the details that matter to rank up are known, but there is some important information.

  • Solo games have more value. Yes, the ranking system favors solo players more than party players. In fact, from the Legend patent, only solo matches help to climb.
  • All ranks up to Divine have 5 levels. Your medal can have up to 5 stars that define your status within the rank. When you reach 5 stars, you will be very close to moving up to the next rank.
  • You don't go down from rank. Once you reach the highest medal of the season, you cannot fall. When a new season starts, you calibrate your rank after 10 matches.
  • Seasons have 6 months. It's during this period that you'll struggle to get as far as possible in the medal system.
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