Discover the 16 secret places of GTA 5

GTA V is one of the most loved and most played open world games in all of history. With an immersive and competitive multiplayer mode, it stays alive on the consoles and computers of millions of players. But it is the single player campaign of this game that still piques the curiosity of many gamers, with its mysteries and secret places to be discovered.

We know that even the most addicted to GTA V can have some difficulty unlocking all the secrets of the game. So we brought in this article 16 secret places that every fan of the title needs to visit at least once. Also, there is a bonus at the end. So start your car engine, put the coordinates in your GPS and get ready to hit the road!

Thelma and Louise movie cliff

The first secret place is an easter egg from a very cult movie from the 90s. The most unsuspecting may think that this has nothing to do with GTA, but it does. In this film, two women are on the run from the police, in a frantic car chase. They then decide to jump off a cliff to avoid being arrested by the authorities. Does this spoiler remind you of anything?

So it is. This final scene from the movie was included by Rockstar in GTA V. If you use any kind of transport or flying vehicle, go to a mountain near Raton Canyon in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. You must be there between 7 and 8 pm. If all goes well, you'll be able to see Thelma and Louise's car jump off the cliff, just like in the movies.

Where to find Thelma and Louise:

Head to Raton Canyon in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness between 7 and 8 pm.

Frozen alien under the bridge

Here you have to be careful, as this place is only available at the very beginning of the game's Prologue. As you drive, the game will tell you to cross the train tracks. Do not do this. Turn right, get out of the car and walk under the bridge you would have been driving over. What will you see? The monstrous creature from the Alien franchise frozen under water.

Where to find the frozen alien:

  • While you flee by car in the game's Prologue, don't cross the train track
  • Turn right and exit the car near a bridge
  • Below the bridge, you will see the alien frozen in the water.

face on the mountain

Back at Mount Chiliad, you can see a face drawn on the mountain. It's on the north face of the place, and you've probably passed this smiling man drawn on the rock and never noticed. To make sure you find this unfamiliar face, look around the cable car station.

Where to find the mysterious face drawn on the mountain:

At the base of Mount Chiliad, next to the cable car station.

secret spaceship

Let's go to Tongva Valley. Amidst all the nature present here, you should find a cave. You have to explore with great care and patience to find it. We promise, however, that it will be rewarding as you will eventually find part of a mysterious spaceship.

Where to find the spaceship part:

  • Go to Tongva Valley
  • Search through the trees for a cave
  • In the cave, go to the foot of a waterfall to discover the spaceship part

Easter egg from the movie Where the weak have no time

Anyone who has seen this film knows that it clearly shows that crime does not pay. And GTA V makes a point of showing this to players with the possibility of you visiting one of the final scenes of the movie. If you go to the west side of Mount Chiliad, you'll see that a deal, probably a drug deal, didn't go too well.

There will be lifeless bodies scattered around the place, with some abandoned cars. Only one person will be alive, just like in the movie, a man who will warn you not to take the suitcase full of money that is nearby. Please be advised that it is at your own risk to choose to take it.

Where to find the scene from Where the weak have no time:

On the west side of Mount Chiliad, although you may not always see the scene.

submerged battle tank

To get to this sunken tank you will need a vehicle that can submerge in water. Once you're in possession of one, head east of Humane Labs. When exploring the waters of this region you will find a series of military items. Among them is a tank.

Where to find the submerged battle tank:

  • Go to Blaine County in San Andreas
  • Locate San Chianski Mountain Range
  • Dive into the waters east of the Humane Labs complexes

secret mine

This location is quite useful if you can find it, as it holds some items that might interest you, such as weapons and ammo. It is in the Great Chaparral section, a place that is practically absent from buildings and people. There you can find the entrance to an old and abandoned mine. To enter, just use any type of explosive weapon on the door.

Where to find the mine entrance:

  • Go to Great Chaparral
  • Search the dirt road between Galileo Road and Zancudo Grande Valley

submerged hatch

This secret place in GTA V is an easter egg that will only be understood by those who watched the TV series Lost. Once you have a submarine, go to the far east, in the San Chianski Mountain Range. Deep under the sea you will find a hatch, which is a perfect replica of the hatch featured in the television show.

Unfortunately it's impossible to get close, as the depth can destroy your submarine.

Where to find the Lost hatch:

  • Right at the eastern end of San Chianski Mountain Rage
  • Dive as deep as you can into the region's sea

submerged planes

Los Santos has more than one plane submerged in the ocean. If you travel to the peninsula that is in Paleto Forest, you should go near the parachute jump point. It is northwest of the peninsula. When searching underwater, there will be a submerged plane. If you go south of Murrieta Oil Field you will also find an aircraft under water.

Where to find the underwater planes:

  • In the northwest of the Paleto Forest Peninsula, near the parachute drop point
  • In the waters south of Murrieta Oil Field

Snowman's Hideout

Of course, GTA V couldn't do without its Snow Man. Go to La Mesa, and there you'll find a warehouse for the Fridgit company. Enter the warehouse and you will see a series of blue doors. One of them is halfway open, and if you look closely enough through the opening, you'll find the Snowman watching you.

Where to find the Snowman:

  • Find the Fridgit warehouse in La Mesa
  • Enter and go to the half-open blue door

Playboy Mansion

Yes, Hugh Hefner's mansion is also present in GTA V. And it's not hard to find. Richman Mansion is south of Richman, close to the golf course, north of Americano Way, east of Eclipse Boulevard and west of Picture Perfect. There's no way to go wrong.

Where to find the Playboy Mansion:

It's in the middle of four places: north of Americano Way, west of Picture Perfect, east of Eclipse Boulevard and south of Richman, close to the golf course.

Coveted Cove

This cave is on the east coast of San Andreas. There's no way to get there by car, of course, so you'll need to be smart and creative. Anyway, it's on the southern tip of the San Chianski Mountain Range in Blaine County. You can get there by plane or helicopter, although you can also find a spot without that invisible barrier on the nearest road.

Inside the cave you'll find a grenade launcher, as well as a useless part of a spaceship.

Where to find Coveted Cove:

Travel by plane to the southern tip of the San Chianski Mountain Range in Blaine County.

Cabana de Jesco White

This secret location is only available in single player. To find it, you must head north of Alamo Pier from North Calafia Way. Once you arrive at your destination, you'll find Jesco White, one of the GTA V broadcasters, with a portable radio. He will be doing a characteristic little dance that Jesco does in real life.

Where to find Jesco White's Hut:

  • Exit North Calafia Way towards Alamo Pier
  • Cross the forest to find the cabin

control tower

This control tower isn't really a secret, as it's in Fort Zancudo, a location you'll eventually go to throughout the game. When you get back to that place, instead of going down to the underground labs, just go up the tower. Up there is a Minigun that respawns all the time. She will come in handy, as this place is heavily guarded.

Where to find the control tower:

Just go to Fort Zancudo. Instead of going down to the labs, go up the control tower.

Submerged Bodies from the Sandy Shores Poem

There's a poem written on a rock in Sandy Shores. It was written by a serial killer known as Infinity Criminal. This poem has hints for the bodies of eight victims to be found. And indeed they can be found. They are located on a group of islands north of Paleto Bay, submerged in the ocean floor, encased in plastic.

Where to find the bodies of the victims of Infinity Criminal:

Head to the islands north of Paleto Bay, as pictured above.

Ghost of Jock Cranley's Wife

Of course, a secret location could not be missing that allows you to see a ghost. To see this apparition, go to the top of Mount Gordo between 11 pm and midnight. You will see the ghost of a woman dressed in white. She is the wife of Jock Cranley, a politician from the Grand Theft Auto series. By the way, right below this apparition you can see Jock's name written.

Where to find the ghost of Jock Cranley's wife:

Go to the top of Mount Gordo between 11 pm and midnight.

Flying Saucers (bonus)

We separate this bonus because UFOs are part of the GTA mythology. In fact, it is possible to see and even interact with some, as long as you have the necessary equipment for this and have fulfilled some requirements. Check below which ones are in GTA V.

Mount Chiliad

The first of them you can only see after completing 100% the story mode. But it's not quite a secret place, seeing as it's in Mount Chiliad and you've already been there if you've reached this point in the game.

Once you reach the top of the hill, you will see a huge alien spaceship flying over the place. It is possible to view it using its own equipment, which are available on site, or using a sniper. If you want, you can shoot the object with all your ammunition, although nothing can knock it down.

Sandy shores

The Sandy Shores UFO also requires 100% game completion. Once that happens, go by helicopter to Sandy's hippie camp, where there are alien symbols on walls. Fly as high as you can and with luck you will be able to see the ET ship. There is even an open door on the object, with a light projected outwards.

submerged ufo

This is the only alien ship that doesn't require the player to have 100% complete story mode. To find it, you'll have to go north of San Andreas, exactly north of Procopio Beach. As soon as you dive, you will see what is most likely a UFO that landed in the sea and sank there. There are some good mentions throughout the story mode of this ship.

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