Discover the 100 best PS1 games!

The PlayStation 1 is one of the most iconic consoles of all time. That's why we've brought you the 100 best PS1 games to make you miss and remember all those titles that marked the childhood and adolescence of many gamers!

1. Castlevania: Symphony of The Night

This is a game that has marked generations since 1997, the year of its release. At the time it was a milestone for the franchise, as it was no longer played in phases. It is a game with strong RPG elements, which progresses scenario by scenario, fulfilling tasks, facing enemies and collecting important items and powers.

Its opening is brilliant and unforgettable, with very well assembled dialogues. After the opening, controlling Alucard, son of Dracula, the player needs to explore a huge castle, in search of evolving the character to the maximum. It is a game full of challenges and obstacles, being considered one of the most difficult titles on PlayStation 1.

2. Silent Hill

The first Silent Hill came to PS1 in 1999 and was considered for a long time the best horror game on that console. The franchise's signature fog was created as a cover for the PlayStation's graphical limitations, but it turned out to be one of the scariest things about the game.

The very well constructed narrative, the human protagonist without special abilities and the constant scares made this game one of the great titles of the console. It was certainly a very remarkable experience for all those who were able to see the birth of this franchise.

3. Metal Gear Solid

It was in Metal Gear Solid that Agent Solid Snake was introduced to the world. Even those who have never played a title in the franchise certainly know or have heard of this character. Created by Hideo Kojima and released in 1998, this game was one of the early exponents of the stealth action genre. The plot is excellent, with amazing cutscenes for the technology available at the time.

We can't help but talk about Psycho Mantis, the ultimate villain of the first Metal Gear. He stayed in the memory of players for talking directly to whoever was behind the controller. The current titles in the franchise are wonderful in every way, but we owe eternal respect to the game that started it all.

4. The Resident Evil 2

Almost 100% of fans of the franchise consider The Resident Evil 2 to be the best of all titles. This can be confirmed by the remake of the game recently released for the current generation. This game was truly revolutionary, allowing players to control two different characters: Claire and the legendary Leon.

The presence of two different points of view, added to the greater freedom of exploration in Raccoon City, made this title a true masterpiece at the time. The zombies were even more insane than in the previous game, offering players an absurd level of challenge.

5. The Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Better than The Resident Evil 2, only 3. When fans of the series thought Capcom couldn't surprise anymore, it introduced the return of Jill Valentine to the series, in addition to a new villain: Nemesis, the biggest nightmare of many players from the late 90s, who appeared out of nowhere and without warning with a rocket launcher.

For all its evolution in gameplay and for allowing good exploration of Raccoon City, this game was one of the most celebrated on the PS1. Many players of that generation are waiting for a remake or even a neat remaster of Nemesis for current consoles.

6.Final Fantasy VII

Of course, we couldn't forget about the legendary clash between Cloud and Sephiroth. Without these characters and without all the gameplay evolution proposed by FFVII, the next two titles in the franchise wouldn't be the success they were. This game brought more life to the battles, in addition to almost cinematic cutscenes.

It was a game also known for its narrative and for featuring characters that have become icons of geek and pop culture. With so many reasons, it's only fair that they announced the awaiting remake of Final Fantasy VII.

7. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Another game known for its excellent background soundtrack, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 brought challenging gameplay with dozens of rewards and a host of renowned skaters. It is not wrong to say that this game helped to popularize skateboarding in our country in the late 90s and early 2000s.

The title encouraged players to make the most complex combos, to beat records for points. Keeping the balance, however, was not for everyone. Maybe that's why they released a secret skater who never fell, the unforgettable Spider-Man. That alone made the game worthwhile.

8. Gran Turismo 2

We couldn't forget about the best racing game on the PlayStation 1. Gran Turismo may be a franchise a little underused by Sony today, but in 1999 it was at its peak. After all, there were 650 cars available, an impressive number. By way of comparison, the first GT and the third had less than 200.

In addition to the cars, unforgettable tracks challenged all types of racers. Deep Forest, Laguna Seca and Seattle Circuit were some of the ones that gave players the most headaches. To top it off, the career progression system, with the need to get your driver's license, was a really nice charm that Gran Turismo 2 offered.

9.Tekken 3

Finally, Tekken 3. All games in the franchise after that title owe everything they are to him. In terms of physics, gameplay and mechanics, Tekken 3 was the best fighting game of 1997. We saw the return of classic characters like Yoshimitsu and Heihachi Mishima, as well as the arrival of unforgettable new fighters like Eddy Gordo, Panda and Jin Kazama.

Those who played the previous titles certainly felt that this Tekken brought a lot of news. In terms of game mode, for example, there was Tekken Ball, where players had to attack a volleyball without dropping it. In terms of fun, it was one of the coolest games.

10. Final Fantasy IX

Of course we could put FFVII and FFVIII here. Both are one of the best RPGs ever created, being two of the most symbolic titles in the Final Fantasy franchise. However, it is FFIX that comes closest to perfection. It's a game with eye-catching graphics, one of Nobuo Uematsu's best soundtracks and the most fun and complex story in the series.

Final Fantasy IX is an RPG, an action game and, at the same time, a philosophical game. All the characters are well developed, having their arcs combined to form a flawless plot. On top of that, FFIX has the coolest summons in the entire franchise.

11. Twisted Metal 3

Anyone who thinks Rocket League is a car combat, even if it's sporty, is because they've never played Twisted Metal 3. This game was simply one of the most insane on the PlayStation 1. The ultimate goal is to destroy all other cars. For this, you must play your vehicle against others, in addition to using weapons in the best Batmobile style.

There are 12 different and bizarre cars to choose from. The most iconic is certainly Sweet Tooth, a car that sells ice cream and that has a flaming clown's head on top. It's no wonder that this vehicle appeared in a special way in the aforementioned Rocket League. And of course: we cannot fail to mention that the soundtrack of Twisted Metal 3 was simply perfect.

12. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Another game that certainly deserved a remake. We could compare it today to Journey, as it was a contemplative, deep game, with a complex narrative and very well built. The entire game was developed using almost the full potential of the console. The graphics at the time were gorgeous!

The narrative was quite heavy, with a gothic setting and very difficult gameplay. The journey in search of the Soul Reaver sword, unfortunately, did not end. The story remains open, waiting for a sequel or even the long-awaited remake.

13. Crash Bandicoot: Warped

Crash Bandicoot: Warped is the crowning achievement of a very successful trilogy. We couldn't leave this game out of the list, after all Crash is practically Sony's mascot. And on this particular title, he's even crazier than ever. Besides him we can still control his sister Coco for the first time.

The game allows us to access stages divided into themes. There's Ancient Egypt, as well as prehistoric and future America, plus China, Atlantis, and other really cool settings. The game remains challenging, inviting the player to get all gems in all missions, to reach not 100%, but 105% completion.

14. Driver

Driver was the game of a generation. In it you took on the role of a policeman infiltrated in the world of crime. His mission was to wipe out all the gangs and criminal organizations in the city. John Tanner, your character, is known for his skill as a driver, and as such must carry out missions that are almost impossible for crime bosses.

This game takes place in 4 different cities. In each location the player controls a different car. Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York are the stages of Tanner's actions. Another four cars can be used in specific missions, plus there are secret cars to discover.

15. Spider-Man

For nearly two decades PlayStation 1's Sipder-Man has been the best Spider-Man game ever made. Of course, the graphics weren't that great, but the gameplay was really insane. It was a title made by fans for fans, allowing you to wear classic comic book costumes.

The amount of characters in Peter Parker's stories is enormous. In addition to many villains such as Venom, Carnage, Mysterio and Doctor Octopus, there are other heroes such as Daredevil. Anyway: it's a game that is in the memory of many players and yielded dozens of hours of fun on the late PS1.

16 . Spyro The Dragon

Simply known as Spyro, this game is held dearly in the hearts and memories of many players. With a light and exploratory footprint, it was necessary to guide the little purple dragon and his dragonfly friend through various kingdoms. Spyro needed to defeat enemies and solve very intriguing puzzles to continue the game.

We could jump and slash and spit fire. Using this, Spyro went from kingdom to kingdom saving other frozen dragons. The game marked so much that a trilogy of the little dragon was re-released for new generations, fully remastered.

17. Medal of Honor

Better known as Medal of Honor, this is an almost legendary game. Architected by Steven Spielberg, it puts the player in charge of Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson. The background of the gameplay is the end of the Second World War. At the time it fell in the taste of many players, since it was a complicated game, difficult and quite complex from a narrative point of view.

For 1999, the time of the game's release, Medal of Honor was revolutionary in terms of gameplay. Today we see elements of this gameplay in many wargames of current generations. It's no wonder that many consider the Medal of Honor franchise to be the forerunner of games like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

18. Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis has been waiting for a remake for years. No wonder, since it is super original in its theme. Some consider it a mix of Jurassic Park and The Resident Evil. Regina, the main character, is on an isolated island, full of deadly dinosaurs, and her mission is to get out of there alive.

The plot is super interesting and the gameplay is really similar to The Resident Evil franchise games. The few moments to save the game, the low capacity inventory and the weapons with few bullets are some of the challenges that Regina must face. As if giant dinosaurs weren't enough.

19. Digimon World

Nostalgia for Digimon World is strong. Anyone who played this title on PS1 will agree that no digital monster game made after this one has surpassed it. In it you are a human boy, taken to File City to save the world from Digimon. You must create, train and digivolve a little monster, entering increasingly difficult battles.

The game is super fun because it invites the player to create a Digimon city. In it each Digimon assumes a role. It's really cool to see File City taking shape. In addition, there are several achievements and secrets to unlock as you explore the most inhospitable corners of the Digimundo.

20. Tomb Raider II

Any game from the Tomb Raider franchise for PlayStation 1 could be on this list. The second title in the series was chosen because it represented a major evolution over the previous one. Added new weapons, in addition to allowing you to find several secret locations, some of which were never found. Dinosaur Valley Case.

On top of that, archaeologist Lara Croft is more adventurous than ever, taking us to the Great Wall of China, the canals of Venice and other magical places on the planet, like Tibet. Graphically, Lara also looks less square, and the character's movement is much more fluid.

21. Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII brought many graphical and gameplay improvements over VII. It was the first in the franchise to have characters in more realistic proportions. The battles were still turn-based, but moving around the scenarios brought much more freedom.

And, of course, the plot was a masterpiece, with the presence of the feared and powerful GF's.

22. Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing was an attempt by Sony to compete with Mario Kart. It didn't make it, but still Crash and his gang were doing great in this racing game. It was very competitive and with a very high level of challenge, something common in the franchise.

23. Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

One of the best games ever made in the Yugi and company franchise. More than 500 cards, Exodia, a fun storyline and high level duelists that gave you a lot of work to defeat.

24. Dragon Quest VII

Considered one of the 100 best RPGs of all time, Dragon Quest VII goes through the search for lost continents after finding an old map. The adventure was all about exploring these continents.

25. Doom

One of the first first-person shooter games and one of the simplest. You had to find the exit in each level, but for that you had to face dozens of demons that appeared out of nowhere in the scenarios. It is still today one of the most important games in history!

26. Dragon Ball GT Final Bout

An underrated game, but at the time it was awesome! The graphics were round, and being able to control Goku SSJ4 was amazing! Aside from the fight against Baby SSJ turned into a monkey. An unforgettable game for fans of the GT saga.

27. Tarzan

Tarzan is etched in memory as one of Disney's best games. The gameplay was very fun, platform-style, and the plot was pretty faithful to the cartoon.

28.Chrono Trigger

Some consider this the best game ever made. It demanded a lot from the PlayStation 1. It has multiple endings, incredible graphics for the time, an innovative battle system and a touching storyline. A combination that still conquers many players today.

29. The Legend of Dragoon

Another revolutionary RPG. In 4 CDs he brought a powerful game, with a battle system mixed between turns and sequence of blows. The plot is based on seeking out the spirits of ancient dragons to absorb and evolve their abilities.

30. Alundra

One of the first PS1 RPGs, with a very high difficulty level. It had an interesting plot, in which the main character could invade the dreams of others. In fact, it was a game very similar to Zelda!

31. Xenogears

Xenogears is a concept game. He brings many premises from psychology and religions, and his biggest enemy in this title is none other than... God. So it was a very different game that made you think.

32. Digimon World 3

Digimon World 3 elevates the experience from all previous games. You had a really huge world to explore, with dozens of missions to complete. The DNA digivolutions were the highlight, as was the improved combat system.

33. Pepsiman

Pepsiman was one of the most bizarre games of the 90's. It was an endless runner, more or less like the ones we see today for cell phones. His mission, controlling the Pepsi hero, is to collect soda cans, go through obstacles and go as far as possible without dying.

34. Fighting Force

Fighting Force is based on Final Fist and Streets of Rage. That's why it's a beat n up game, where you select a fighter and literally beat up all the enemies along the way. More classic impossible!

35. Myst

A complex game with multiple endings where you explore the island of Myst. Once there, you can open portals to other worlds and universes, where you will discover clues about characters and the game's plot.

36. Shadow Man

Based on a comic book, Shadow Man puts you in the shoes of a voodoo warrior, who must save the world from the apocalypse. To do so, he faces dozens of enemies from the world of the dead and the living, in search of finding balance for Earth.

37. Street Fighter II

There's not much you can say about this game other than that it's perfect. All the most famous fighters in the franchise can be controlled. The combat mechanics are fluid, and the arcade mode is a faithful homage to the arcades of the 80s and 90s.

38. Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2 is another worthwhile franchise. Co-op mode puts players in a deadly tournament, while duel mode sees two friends battle to the death to see who is the best breaker.

39. Tenchu: The Stealth Assassins

The first of a franchise that was not so successful in the West, Tenchu ​​puts you in control of a ninja, who has to go through 10 stages to face the Boss. It's a very nice mix of aggression and stealth, simulating well the fighting style of a ninja.

40. Siphon Filter

At the time it was one of the most played spy games along with Metal Gear. In it you controlled two secret agents who needed to neutralize a German terrorist.

41. Ace Combat 2

Since PS1 Ace Combat is successful. The 2 had up to 24 planes that you could command in up to 21 missions. It was more of an arcade game, focused on protecting bases, attacking other aircraft and sinking enemy ships.

42. Mega Man Legends

The first in the franchise to have a completely 3D environment. It wasn't completely platforming, containing elements of scenario exploration and some RPG aspects. The only downside was Mega Man's controller, which was a bit truncated.

43.Street Fighter Alpha 3

One of the games with the most characters in the franchise. It also featured a wide variety of scenarios. What stood out the most was that each fighter had 3 different fighting styles.

44. Darkstalkers 3

Another fighting game, inspired by the theme of vampirism. It didn't have many fighters, but it stood out for the wide variety of powers and moves that each character could use.

45. Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus

Platform game in which you control Abe, who must save his people from the exploitation of other creatures. The game received many awards for having a quality narrative, smooth mechanics and the ability to quickly save at any time.


Classic, Rayman places the player in six worlds in a platform game. Rayman's mission is to release six Electoons, one per level. They are hidden in cages throughout the levels.

47. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

The cute dragon Spyro returns in the second game to undo the spells of a dinosaur mage, Ripto, who transformed residents of the world of Avalar.

48. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

Another good 2.5D platformer. Klonoa is a kitten that eliminates enemies and collects items. As the game is 2.5D, the perspective at the time was quite surprising.

49. Jumping Flash

In Jumping Flash you control Robbit, a robot rabbit. Your mission will be to find items in each of the various stages you are in. At the end of the game, face a Boss to save the world from destruction. And it's the world's first fully 3D platformer.

50. Ape Escape

The first game to use the PS1's joystick analog sticks, Ape Escape has you on a mission to eliminate an army of monkeys created by a scientist. At the time these little monkeys were Sony's mascots.

51. Wipeout XL

A futuristic racing game, reminiscent of the pod race from Star Wars I. You could play using the analog sticks, which was very difficult to do, as the vehicles were going at a very high speed.

52. R4 Ridge Racer Type 4

More than 320 cars, conversations between drivers and even a Pac-Man vehicle: R4 Ridge Racer was a fantastic game, with lots of gameplay options, which guaranteed fun for hours!

53. Vagrant Story

Vagrant Story is no ordinary adventure RPG. There is no interaction with other characters, nor is there the possibility to buy items. It's just your ability to create weapons and customize them by solving puzzles and riddles.

54. Rainbow Six

Rainbox Six as we know it today has its origins in the 90s. On PS1 it featured the same tactical war between terrorists and counter-terrorists. Stealth is essential to succeed, requiring precision and a lot of patience.

55. Suikoden 2

In Suikoden there are over 100 characters that you can play in some way, 40 of which are used in battles. It's a tactical and strategic RPG, very similar to what Final Fantasy Tactics popularized.

56. Mega Man X4

Choosing between X and Zero was difficult, mainly because each character had different mechanics and challenges. In the end, it was worth beating the game at least once with each one, if you survived the stages with multiple obstacles and enemies.

57. Worms Armageddon

Worms Armageddon is perhaps the best in the franchise to date. It had campaign mode, local and online co-op (of course only for PC). Even so, on PS1 it was a success, with good graphics, dozens of weapons and a lot of competitiveness.

58. PaRappa the Rapper

Just Dance owes a lot to PaRappa the Rapper as this is one of the first music dance games made. You saw the buttons on the screen and had to press them quickly to get as many points as possible.

59. Koudelka

A mixed RPG between: scenario exploration, puzzle solving and turn-based battles. The narrative part appeared in cutscenes, something common on PS1. The movement part was the same as in Resident Evil, as well as the very limited inventory.

60. Person 2 – Eternal Punishment

Another RPG with turn-based combat, a hallmark of games of the genre on PS1. Exploration was by a map. One cool thing was that you could spread rumors around town about parts of the story to earn special items.

61. Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Returns

Tomba 2 is very reminiscent of Super Mario Bros., as Tomba must rescue his beloved princess from the hands of villains. The difference is that Tomba is a pig-faced savage who uses weapons like a whip and sledgehammer.

62. Monster Rancher 2

Based on the hit anime, Monster Rancher 2 tasked you with creating, training and developing monsters for battle. The fights were the high point of the game, there were tournaments to get fame, money and points.

63. Need for Speed: High Stakes

Two game modes could be chosen in this Need: Hot Pursuit, to escape the police, or the campaign, in which you participated in tournaments to win cars and unlock customizations.

64. Tales of Destiny

A very cute RPG that doesn't use turn-based combat, but real-time attacks. Only the spells needed time to charge. Overall, it brought classic elements of the genre, such as a good narrative and a vast world to explore.

65. Azure Dreams

The idea of ​​the game is to invade towers, destroy enemies and collect items and eggs from monsters. Then they hatch, giving rise to creatures that you can use in battle. The cool thing is that there are several different fighting styles you can adopt.

66.Grand Theft Auto

The first GTA was nothing like it is today. Camera from above, without being able to get out of the car, focusing solely and exclusively on driving around the city carrying out missions that involved crimes against public order.

67. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

VERY bizarre and fun game that parodied Street Fighter. It was a fighting game in which, to hit the opponent, the player had to complete puzzles. The fighters belonged to earlier versions of SF.

68. Hogs of War

Pigs battling in World War I, in a game of tactical artillery? That's exactly what Hogs of War is. And it certainly doesn't need to be said more to explain how successful it was.

69. Saga Frontier

This is the seventh game in the franchise and the first to come to the West without being tied to the Final Fantasy franchise. It brought a wide variety of cities, characters, races, items and missions to be carried out.

70. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

The first game in the Legacy of Kain series features Kain, a noble swordsman who is reborn from the dead as a vampire. The mission is to take revenge on your murderers and find a cure for vampirism.

71. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Fifth game in the Harvest Moon franchise, it had two versions: male and female. Each version has a different narrative, but the idea is the same: create a farm and take care of animals.

72. One-handed

A scrolling shooter in which you control a spaceship and eliminate enemies as the screen advances and forces you to face opponents. Tense, full of adrenaline and great quality.

73. Devil

The first Diablo was one of the great RPGs of the PS1 generation. It already had that isometric perspective, although much less striking than it is today. The narrative was the highlight, as was the “freer” battle system compared to other RPGs.

74. Digimon World 2

Digimon World 2 was not as good as 1 and 3, but it was relatively successful. You dominated up to 3 Digimon and faced other monsters in a dungeon. Exploring a maze was very difficult, which discouraged some players.

75. Wild Arms 2

In this RPG where you form a team with characters from different classes, the focus is on solving puzzles and fighting enemies. To make your life easier, there is a tool system, in which each character has access to 3 different ones.

76. Final Fantasy Origins

Basically it's a remastered re-release of FF I and FF II, adapted from the SNES to the PS1. It was worth it because it was the chance for players to have access to the first and most classic games in the franchise.

77. Parasite Eve II

Any resemblance to Resident Evil is no coincidence, both in gameplay and narrative. The biggest difference is that this action game has a lot of RPG elements.

78. WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role

A pretty iconic fighting game for WWF fans. The signature moves of Luta Livre are there, as well as some of the most iconic fighters of the modality.

79. Dino Crisis 2

Regina comes back with everything in Dino Crisis 2. It changes almost nothing in the gameplay compared to the first game. But he was worth a lot to know what happened at the end of the previous game and, of course, to send bullets at ferocious dinosaurs.

80. Tales of Destiny 2

Tales of Destiny 2 has a three-dimensional world, with 2D levels and dungeons. RPG is interesting because the environment affects how players perform in exploration and battles.

81. Vandal Hearts

Like Diablo, the game view is isometric. The battle mode that was a little weird. You entered sections of the map, which corresponded to a specific environment, related to your progression through the story. It was worth it because it brought several classes of characters to choose from.

82.Driver 2

Driver 2 surprised by allowing the protagonist to get out of the car and explore the environment on foot, in addition to being able to steal other cars. You could do the normal missions, just like the first game, as well as explore the city in free mode.

83. Brave Fencer Musashi

In Brave Fencer Musashi you must get 5 scrolls that increase Musashi's strength. To advance in the story, you must solve riddles and puzzles, in addition to, of course, defeating big bosses!

84. MediEvil

MediEvil is one of the most iconic RPGs of all time. The focus is on exploration, including collecting items that are important to game progression. The characters are well developed, and the plot brings a lot of complexity to the game.

85. Soul Blade

Yes: Soul Blade is the beginning of the SoulCalibur franchise. You have few fighters, but a well-developed game mechanics, with fluid movements, three types of attacks and the possibility to block enemy blows.

86. Legend of Mana

Another RPG that every fan of the genre should play at least once in their lives. It allows you to shape the shape of the world, creating new regions and side quests, in a completely revolutionary way for the time.

87. Final Fantasy Chronicles

You have here a compilation of two games: Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger. At the time, it brought together two of the best games created by Square Enix.

88. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete

Very traditional RPG, in 2D, with turn-based battle. This version, however, made full use of the console's hardware and brought a more complete story, including improved graphics and use of voiceovers.

89. Breath of Fire IV

In Breath of Fire IV you control Ryu, a warrior who transforms into a dragon. Along with other heroes, your mission is to defeat an emperor who has risen from the dead. Turn-based action and mixed 2D and 3D graphics are the basis of the game.

90. Front Mission 3

One of the few PS1 RPGs with a futuristic story and a sci-fi backdrop. For the rest, it features the renowned turn-based combat mechanics, but with the difference that they take place on a chess board.

91. Valkyrie Profile

For those who like Norse Mythology, Valkyrie Profile is an excellent game. You control one of Odin's Valkyries, whose mission is to choose warriors killed in battle to fight in Ragnarok.

92. Grandia

Grandia is compared to Final Fantasy VII for quality. It is long, dramatic and with a very well-constructed narrative. The cutscenes are in anime, which gives a drawing characteristic to the game.

93. Legend of Legaia

It was very successful because, at the time, it was a game with beautiful 3D graphics. The story puts the protagonist in search of the Genesis Trees, to eliminate a mysterious mist that ravages the world.

94. Star Ocean: The Second Story

Practically the same gameplay as other RPGs of the time, but you could choose which character to start the game with. Each of them had a different journey and evolutions throughout the campaign's progression.

95. Chrono Cross

Thematic of parallel realities and time travel is the basis of Chrono Cross. It has a combo-based battle system, although it maintains the turn-based idea, so practiced in PS1 RPGs.

96.Final Fantasy Tactics

The first in the FF Tactics series, this game places the player's team on one side of the board, while enemies are on the other. They must advance, until they meet to do battle. Whoever eliminates the entire opposing team wins.

97. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Before Final Fantasy Tactics there was Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. In other words, it's a tactical turn-based RPG whose action takes place on a kind of chess board.

98. One

The game requires the player to discover the identity of the main character. Several clues appear throughout the gameplay, as you must face military, police and other obstacles in search of this discovery.

99. Jackie Chan Stuntmaster

Jackie Chan Stuntmaster was a VERY fun fighting game. Controlling one of the idols of the 90's generation of action movies was a huge pleasure. There were many different moves and a good achievement system.

100. Watchman 8

Vigilante 8 was a Twisted Metal-style vehicle-to-vehicle combat game, but based on real events. This caused controversy at the time, as the game was banned in the United States. In other words, that means it was really good!

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