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In Battle Royale-style games like Free Fire Battlegrounds, getting quality loot can mean your victory or your defeat. Weaponry is very important, but to heal and stay protected, there are essential items.

It won't always be possible to get the perfect elimination with just one shot. There are prolonged firefights where the player will need protection and bandages to reach the end of the game.

Use this guide and learn how to choose the most valuable items to use and store in your backpack.

Anti bullet vests

There are 5 types of bulletproof vests: the broken vest, the level 1, level 2, level 3 and 4 vest. Obviously, the level 4 vest is the most resistant to enemy fire. whatever you do, never take vests from enemies you've shot down. They are damaged and will not help you.

Repair kit

The Repair Kit repairs your helmet as well as your vest. Even better, you can carry it around and use it when needed. This is a super valuable item, especially in ranked games.

Vest Tool Bag

This item is used to repair or improve the level of your vest. Use and abuse if you're lucky enough to find it.


There are four helmets you can find on the map. The broken helmet, which is a little better than having your head uncovered, the level 1 helmet, the level 2 helmet and the sturdy level 3 helmet, with its special visor that also protects the face.


Whenever there's a fight, there's a chance of getting hurt, even wearing a vest and helmet. It is highly recommended to have at least three medical kits to make dressings. The medical kit takes 4 seconds to apply and cure 75 points of life per unit. Never forget that you will be vulnerable during this time. Hide or protect yourself before using it.


Mushrooms help you regain your life, one point per second, after consumption. They exist in the ground and in trees. They cannot be transported. Its healing ability depends on the type of mushroom. Can regenerate 50, 75,100 or 120 health, always one point per second.


The radar lets you know where the next safe zone is and/or when the next drop will be. It exists on both maps. Each radar can only be used once by the same player.

survival items

Items you can choose for your character to carry before each match starts. are divided into Survival Items I eYou have Basic Charging. These items can be earned by participating in matches in all modes or by using diamonds to purchase them.

life token

The Life Token allows you to rejoin the fight after being eliminated. It costs 10 diamonds and there is still not much information on whether you can win it as a prize, but it is likely. Like other survival items, you will likely only be able to carry one per game.


Choose a quiet place, light the fire pit and take the opportunity to cure your character. The bonfire raises your HP (health bar) and your EP bar. Be careful where you put the fire. Can carry a single bonfire per match.


Call an airdrop to land directly on your coordinates. Useful, when your ammo runs out or you haven't found good weaponry.

Arbusto Ghillie

Only available in drop or treasure map, the ghillie bush is used to camouflage itself in areas with some vegetation. You can remove it whenever you want or pass it on to a teammate. Do not enter a house or building with him or he will be detected quickly.

Treasure map

A map you can use to find out where you can get the best loot before everyone else does. can use only on the plane. Then just follow the marked and get your treasure. Check the area well beforehand, so you don't get an unpleasant surprise.

Basic Loading Items

Scanner : to know how many players are still on the plane and then on the descent. The Scanner can be used until it runs out or breaks, functioning as a mini radar.

leg bags: 30% extra charging capacity

Supply Boxes : Pick up random bullets or bandages at the start of the game

Armor Box: get random armor at the start of the game


To carry all that equipment and ammunition, you need a backpack. There are three types of backpacks: level 1, level 2 and level 3. The level 3 backpack is obviously the one with the most capacity, but it is the rarest.


A vehicle is not exactly an item you can pick up and put in your backpack, but it offers advantages, allowing greater mobility and giving the player more speed. There are six vehicles in Free Fire: the Tuk tukthe sports car , o military jeep, a Amphibious Bike, the Sports Bike and the Monster Truck. The Pickup has been removed from the game.

sports car

The fastest vehicle in the game, this powerful car makes it possible to quickly escape the Gas, but is very vulnerable to gunfire and doesn't do well off roads. Still, it's a lot of fun to drive.

Tuk tuk

The Tuk Tuk is a fragile vehicle, very vulnerable to shots and slow. Use it if you can't find anything better.


The Pickup has been removed from the game. It is common in industrial areas. Loses some power on steep climbs.

military jeep

The Military Jeep is resistant more shots, slower than the Pickup, but with much more power. It can climb almost every slope on the map without problem.

Amphibious motorcycle

A motorcycle that can ride on land and in water no problem. Although relatively slow for a motorcycle, it is all terrain, managing to climb steep slopes. You can use it to escape across the water or to get out of Sentosa Island quickly. In addition, the amphibious motorcycle has two seats, which is very useful for those who play in Duo.

Monster truck

A vehicle only available by drop and that transforms the Zé Cart into a Super Zé Cart. Just kidding, but the Monster Truck is a real colossus, capable of transporting a squad quickly and with a lot of resistance to shots. Due to its huge wheels it can overtake rocks or smaller obstacles, so choose your hiding place wisely.


The bike is a fast vehicle but it loses a lot of power on climbs, is fragile and doesn't protect you from well-aimed shots. Use it to quickly move around the map and escape the death zone, but don't try to take down other vehicles with it.

Your backpack space is at a premium, so always take only necessary items and leave useless or inferior items behind. Use common sense: the important thing is to have weapons, ammunition, protection and dressings, in that order. Now that you know the items you can find in the game, discover the best places to loot in Free Fire Battlegrounds!

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