Discover all The Sims 4 Careers and how to get to the top!

In The Sims 4, you can choose the career you prefer. Invest in your social skills and knowledge and you can quickly get promoted and successfully advance to the top of your professional career.

Get to know the details of all careers and check out our tips to know what to do and what are the advantages of each career.

Compare all Races

Know what to expect from each career if you reach the top. As each profession has two branches that you can follow, the advantages or disadvantages will be different as well.

See which is the career with the best paying industry and the hours and days you need to work.

CAREERS Branch h/dia $/day d/week $/week
Gardener botany 8 3.360 5 16.800
Expand your Business Investor 8 3.248 5 16.240
Social Media Public relations 7 3.171 5 15.855
Astronaut Space Smuggler 9 3.717 4 14.868
Secret Agent Villain 5 2.575 5 12.875
Secret Agent Diamond Agent 15 4.260 3 12.780
Criminal Chefe 7 3.115 4 12.460
Expand your Business Management 8 3.000 4 12.000
Astronaut space ranger 7 2.954 4 11.816
Medicine Hospital Director 10 2.800 4 11.200
Scientific Alien Explorer 9 2.223 5 11.115
Detective Detective 8 2.120 5 10.600
Gardener Designer Floral 6 2.100 5 10.500
Athlete Professional athlete 6 1.998 5 9.990
Culinary Manager 6 2.460 4 9.840
Entertainment Musicista 7 2.380 4 9.520
Politics Political 7 2.380 4 9.520
Athlete bodybuilder 6 3.000 3 9.000
Criminal Oracle 7 2.212 4 8.848
Critical food critic 5 2.205 4 8.820
Entertainment Comedian 6 2.844 3 8.532
Writer Author 6 2.790 3 8.370
Technology Guru electronic sportsman 6 1.968 4 7.872
Technology Guru Start-Up Entrepreneur 5 2.580 3 7.740
Critical Art critic 5 2.495 3 7.485
Social Media internet personality 4 2.376 3 7.128
Writer Journalist 6 1.722 4 6.888
Painter Patron of the Arts 5 1.640 4 6.560
Politics Charity Event Organizer 6 2.052 3 6.156
Culinary Mixólogo 10 1.970 3 5.910
Painter Master of Realism 5 2.460 2 4.920

Learn how to earn money in The Sims 4 without using codes!

How to get a profession

Once you are comfortable embarking on your professional life, you can use your cell phone or computer to access the Work option and thus choose a career. All professions pay by the day, allowing you to gradually increase your prosperity.

On the Careers screen, you can check what is needed to be promoted. Don't forget to manage your emotions too. So bet on the necessary skills and follow the path to success.

Take a professional stance

When your Sim is working, you can click on their portrait to select the type of posture you want them to assume during office hours. You can bet on improving peer relationships, improving skills, working at a normal pace, or working hard. This last option will increase your Sim's stress level, but greatly improve their effort at work.

Typically, the ideal is work hard always and only use the other options if you need something specific for the next promotion.

What are Active Careers?

There are three special careers that give you the option to control your Sim during office hours by completing small tasks to improve your performance.

These professions are Scientist, Doctor and Detective and show a more interactive and fun side to spending time with your Sim.

A Sim is also entitled to fun

All careers start with three days vacation days available, but as your Sim shows up for work without missing a beat, you get more vacation days.

These days are very important for you to be able to take a breath, thus managing your Sim's stress. Just don't forget that when changing careers, all vacations are losses.

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