Customize the best aim for Free Fire Battlegrounds

Being able to aim quickly and accurately is very important in any shooting game. In Free Fire Battlegrounds, as in any Battle Royale style game, shooting well will make the difference between living and dying.

Although your kills depend a lot on the type of weaponry you find, customizing your aim and knowing the type of shot of each weapon will make you the best player.

Learn how to configure your HUD and your aim to get perfect shots!

AP accuracy

Press the menu Advanced Settings. There are three ways to aim your crosshairs in Free Fire: Standard, Precise Aim and Full Control. Each of these categories works differently.

In mode Standard, the aim is Automatic on the enemy. However, it is impossible get headshots in this mode, as the Standard scope always points to the chest. Also, enemies need to be within a right distance for the sight to follow them. It's a way to inexperienced players.

The way I need in Mira toggles between Standard and Full Control auto-aim. Shooting in third-person view, the crosshairs it's automatic. From the moment when usa o scope, you have full control of your shots.

The way Total control it means having absolute control of your weapon and the way you shoot. It's a way without automatic aids and just for experienced players. It's the best way to use it in Squad mode, as the Precise mode in Aim can get confused with knocked out players (not yet eliminated) and put you in danger.

Adjust Sensitivity

Depending on the device you use to play the game, you may want to change your sensitivity. Playing Free Fire on a PC is quite different from playing on a tablet or even a Smartphone. This is a matter of preference. Experiment with different settings until you like it. Remember that you can change the sensitivity for different types of crosshairs and scopes.

Icon transparency and size

In a competitive shooter, it is necessary to pay attention to all the details of the scenario, so don't exaggerate the size of the icons. Also, remember to adjust their transparency so that they don't hide any important details from the screen.

Being a good player is not just the aim

Aiming is an important part of shooting well, but remember the following tips

  • Use covers and stay protected whenever possible. The playing field is full of trees, walls, houses and cars to use as protection. Don't advance into the open unless you don't get another chance.
  • Don't use burst if you don't need to. Semi-automatic shooting, especially at long distances, is more effective, accurate and saves ammo. Take care of your ammo and it will take care of you.
  • Know each type of weapon well. An AWP sniper does not have the same type of shot as a UMP. Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses, learn them to improve your effectiveness as a marksman.
  • If you've detected an enemy before he detects you, wait for the right moment to fire. Wait for him to put a bandage on or stop for a while.
  • Whenever possible, try to get a Headshot. It is the fastest and therefore the safest way to eliminate an enemy.

Now that you've learned how to customize your controls and choose the type of crosshair that's best for you, learn the best places to land in Free Fire and a few more tips to achieve victories.

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