CS:GO's 10 Most Wanted Butterfly Knife

Everyone who plays Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) likes a good knife and the butterfly knife is a favorite of many players.

There are several butterfly knife skins and some very expensive ones that are worth hundreds of dollars. Whoever gets one of these knives is a very lucky guy!

We made a selection of the butterfly knife skins that we like the most. Check out our top 10 and see the details of each of these knives:

10. Damascus Steel

"Finally, a weapon as strong as your determination"

Damascus Steel was created from two different types of carbonized steel and has a unique appearance. You might be lucky enough to get this knife from Spectrum or Spectrum 2 boxes.

9. Ultraviolet

"Elegant design combined with brutal intent"

The special features of the Ultraviolet butterfly knife come from the excellent combination of black and purple. This skin can appear in Spectrum or Spectrum 2 cases.

8. Tiger Tooth

"Rara como or tiger ... mortal como or tigre"

The Tiger Tooth butterfly knife has an orange blade and a tiger stripe pattern. You can find this knife in Spectrum or Spectrum 2 boxes.

7. Boreal Forest

"The forest can be a dangerous place... never be alone"

The Boreal Forest is the butterfly knife with the forest camouflage. This skin can spawn in Operation Breakout Weapon crates.

6. Blue Steel

"This little beauty is the malbec of the gun world" - Booth, Arms Dealer

The Blue Steel is a butterfly knife with a unique appearance due to the black oxide coating. To earn this skin, open many Operation Breakout Weapon crates.

5. Case Hardened

"A little color never hurt anyone"

The Case Hardened (Steel Heater) is a very special buterfly knife, as its blade has been heated to high temperatures. Look for this unique skin in the Operation Breakout Weapon crates.

4 Night

"It's the blowing of the wind... it's the bite on your neck"

The almost completely black appearance of the Night butterfly knife represents death in its purest state. If you're lucky, you'll find this skin in the Operation Breakout Weapon box.

3. Crimson Web

"Be careful where you go, you never know how far the web will go"

The Crimson Web is a red-bladed butterfly knife with a beautiful spider web pattern. Don't stop opening Operation Breakout Weapon crates to find this very rare beauty.

2. Slaughter

"Valéria doesn't pay Javier to ask questions... he gets paid to get answers"

The Slaughter is a zebra-patterned red bladed knife, ready to silently eliminate your rivals. Keep an eye out for Operation Breakout Weapon crates, one day it could be your lucky day.

1. Fade

"This isn't just a weapon, it's a good topic for conversation" - Imogen, arms dealer-in-training

The Fade is the butterfly knife of choice for most CS:GO players. This knife has a chrome coating that makes it very special. This skin can also be found in the Operation Breakout Weapon box. Good luck!

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