Composter in Minecraft: how to make it, what it's for and how to use it!

Composter or Composter is a Minecraft item that serves to convert organic material into Bone Meal item, which can be used as fertilizer or dye.

To craft a Composter you need 7 slabs (also known as Half Block) of any Wood, and use the following recipe:

To make Slabs, you just need 3 blocks of the respective wood arrange them like this:

How to use Composters in Minecraft

To use Minecraft Composters you need to feed them certain organic items until they are full, then collect your Bone Meal. It takes 7 properly decomposed items to fill a Composter. To feed her, select a food item in your inventory and use it near her.

However, when an item is used in the Composter, it requires a chance for it to work or not. This means that to reach 7 layers you will probably need to use more than 7 foods. Each item has a specific chance of being broken down by the Composter and you will know if it worked or not if you see green particles coming out of the item.

Check the table below with all the foods that can become fertilizer and read the example:

Success rate Items Average items to fill
30% beetroot seeds
Wheat Seeds
watermelon seeds
pumpkin seeds
dried seaweed
Grass block
sweet berries
50% Cactus
Dry Algae Block
Weeping creepers
Twisted creepers
tall grass
watermelon slice
Sugar cane
Nether sprouts

Potato Chips
water lily
Sea cucumber
Cocoa beans
crimson roots
distorted roots
crimson fungus
distorted fungus
nether fungus

85% Bread
hay bale
baked potato
mushroom block
Block of distorted fungi
Nether fungus block
100% Cake
Pumpkin pie

Example: whenever you use 1 Beet Seed in the Composter, you only have a 30% chance that it will work. If it works, then you will fill 1 layer of Composter, and must repeat the process until 6 more have the same success.

Example 2: whenever you use a Pumpkin Cake or Pie, the Composter will get 1 layer guaranteed, so only 7 of these items will always be needed.

How to make an automatic composter in Minecraft

There is a way for you to automate the craft and farm of Bone Flour. For that, you need 2 chests, 2 Rope e 1 composter and with them assemble the following structure:

In the top chest, place all the foods that are accepted as fertilizer. . They will automatically be sent to the Composter via the top Funnel, and once a Bone Meal is ready, the second Funnel will automatically send it to the Bottom Chest. This process will repeat as long as there is food in the first Chest!

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