Coin Master's Viking Quest: 5 Tips to Win the Event!

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The Viking Quest is one of Coin Master's special events. It takes place at least once a week, and all players can participate for free. In this article we will explain everything about this event and we will give you essential tips for you to win this minigame and win the maximum prize!

1. Own 20 billion coins

This is what the Viking Quest wheel looks like!

Winning the Viking Quest is not so much a matter of luck, but of having enough money. And we did the math and played: to reach the end of the game and earn the second Gold Card and the 5000 spins, you will need to spend around 20 billion coins.

To help you, we made the schematic below:

  • With less than 1 billion coins: manages to reach level 6, but winning is unlikely
  • With over 1 billion coins but under 20 billion: manages to win the first Gold Card
  • With over 20 billion coins: can easily win the game

Getting to Viking Quest level 6 is relatively easy if you can collect 1 billion coins. The problem is after level 7, as it takes a lot of money to survive the remaining levels.

2. Always bet the maximum

Making the maximum bet is risky, but you can't give up on this strategy. Because here luck can get in your way. Especially if you take 3 symbols from Thor or from the Viking helmet, as they multiply your winnings by dozens of times. It's what can make you easily beat Regular Quests.

However, the same applies to Bonus Wheel Missions. Unfortunately it is quite common to multiply the value only by 2x or 3x. Which at higher levels is not enough to reach the value requested by the missions. So always bet the maximum, because if you take 25x or 50x, the chance of getting the amount needed to fulfill the mission will be greater!

3. Bet small until the Bonus Wheel appears

A tip that always works: bet very low values ​​until the first Bonus Wheel symbol appears on the machine. From there, it is worth betting the maximum amount, as there is a pattern in the game: after the first Bonus Wheel appears, it is very likely that in the next rounds all 3 wheels will come out together!

4. See if it's really worth winning the Gold Cards

The two Gold Cards you can earn in the Viking Quest are always the same. So if you already have them, you don't have to try to earn them again. Mainly because the intermediate prizes between Card 1 and Card 2 are not such things.

Is it worth trying to win the 5000 spins? It's worth it, but you're likely to lose billions of coins trying. Which can make you miss out on precious opportunities to unlock new villages.

5. Get thousands of spins to earn money

A very useful tip, although not always easy to put into practice. The good thing is to have thousands of spins in the normal game, because that way you can win millions or even billions of coins, which you can then apply in the Viking Quest.

What is the Viking Quest?

Viking Quest is a minigame that allows players to use their coins instead of spins to spin special slot machines. In addition, all your coins are protected for 3 minutes from the moment you spin the special event machine.

The purpose of the event is to complete the 10 missions in the game. Each mission brings a different reward, and with each new mission the level of difficulty increases, as does the quality of the rewards. They are divided into 2 types:

  • Regular Quests: require the player to earn an amount of coins by spinning the wheel
  • Bonus Wheel Missions: require the player to earn a specific amount on the Bonus Wheel

What rewards does the Viking Quest give?

Another really cool point of the Viking Quest is that it gives out spectacular prizes. Symbol combinations can give you up to 100x the amount wagered in coins, plus there is a Bonus Wheel that rewards up to 50x the amount played.

In addition to the coin values ​​you can earn by spinning the special Quest wheel, you can receive rewards for completing each of the 10 quests, which can be:

  • Mission 1: 5 spins, coins and a wooden chest
  • Mission 2: 10 spins, coins, experience potion and a golden chest
  • Mission 3: Coins and experience potion
  • Mission 4: 15 spins, coins, experience potion and a magic chest
  • Mission 5: 40 spins, coins, experience potion and magic chest
  • Mission 6: Coins, experience potion and a Gold Card
  • Mission 7: 50 spins, coins, experience potion and magic chest
  • Mission 8: Coins, experience potion and magic chest
  • Mission 9: 300 spins, coins, potion of experience coins and magic chest
  • Mission 10: 5000 spins, coins, experience potion and a Gold Card

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