Coin Master's Ghost Mode: 2 Methods to Go Invisible!

There are two ways to become invisible in Coin Master, the so-called Ghost Mode: logging out of Facebook or playing the Viking Quest. In this article we will explain exactly how these two ways work and how to make the most of them so you don't get attacked or lose coins! In the end, also learn how to get out of Ghost Mode in Coin Master!

Method 1: Playing as a guest

Click to remove Facebook app and you will play as guest

This is the original method to become invisible in Coin Master. The so-called Ghost Mode will make you invisible indefinitely, which is great, but only for your Facebook friends. That is: you can still be attacked by random players or be invaded by them, which, of course, will make you lose coins.

Still, it's a very worthwhile tactic, as it reduces your exposure. Coin Master is a social game, so the system will always try to place you as the "enemy" of a player who is your Facebook contact. If you don't have any possible contact, players you don't know will appear, however you will hardly appear to them, as their friends will appear!

So to use this tactic, just play as a guest, without being logged into the social network. If you are already logged in, just do the following:

  • Go to Facebook profile settings
  • Go to apps and games
  • Disconnect Coin Master from account
  • Access the game normally and you will be playing as a guest

Method 2: Participating in the Viking Quest

Viking Quest is one of the coolest minigames in Coin Master, giving the player up to 5.000 free spins. However, something very good about this minigame is that when you spin your special wheel once, you are protected for 3 minutes from enemy attacks and invasions!

That is: you disappear from the attacks and raids radar of all your friends and random players for 3 minutes. When time is running out, simply spin the Viking Quest wheel one more spin to gain another 3 minutes.

The only downside to this tactic is that the Viking Quest usually only lasts a few hours. And it always starts unannounced, so you never know when this method will be available. Also, it is only available from village 50.

How to get out of Ghost Mode?

Exiting Ghost Mode will depend on the method used. If it's Method 1, just log in to your Facebook via the Coin Master side menu. Then start the game again and you will once again be visible to your friends.

If you choose Method 2, it's even easier. Just stop playing the Viking Quest for 3 minutes and you will reappear to your friends and other players.

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