Check out the best items for Zoe from League of Legends

Zoe is a unique champion, but to do well, you need to learn which items to buy during battles. As a ranged Mage champion, you will need to buy items that improve skill power, movement speed, and mana. Check out!

Starting Items

Doran's ring

Cost: 400 (400)

  • +60 Health;
  • +15 Ability Power;
  • +50% base Mana Regen;
  • UNIQUE Passive: Restores 4 Mana when killing a unit.

2xMagic Potion

Cost: 50 (50)

  • Restores 150 Health over 15 seconds.

The Ring of Doran is the ideal item for almost any mages. Health points, Ability Power and Base Mana Regen are the key attributes for the first few moments of battle. The two Magic Potions are very important to stay alive.

Core Items

Lich's Bane

Cost: 3200 (450)

  • +80 Ability Power;
  • +7% Movement Speed;
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction;
  • +250 Mana;
  • UNIQUE Passive - Arcane Blade: After using an ability, the next basic attack deals 75% of base Attack Damage (+50% of Ability Power) as bonus magic damage on hit (1.5s cooldown).

Lich Bane works great with the Brillim passive! to increase DPS. As Zoe is an auto-attack champion you will get a lot of advantage with this item.

Sorcerer's Shoes

Cost: 1100 (800)

  • +18 Magic Penetration;
  • UNIQUE Passive - Improved Movement: +45 Movement Speed.

They are clearly the best boots for Zoe as they increase Magic Penetration. However, you can use other boots like the Ninja Tabi (30 Armor) to survive the attacks of assassins like Zed or Talon.


Cost: 2900 (665)

  • +100 Ability Power;
  • +400 Mana;
  • UNIQUE Passive: +20% Cooldown Reduction;
  • UNIQUE Passive: Dealing magic damage to champions below 35% health inflicts Painful Wounds for 8 seconds;
  • UNIQUE Passive: Kills and Assists restore 20% of your maximum Mana.

The Morellonomicon is a very popular item among Mages for its cooldown reduction and massive Mana boost. Indispensable for Zoe.

Staff of the Void

Cost: 2650 (1365)

  • +80 Ability Power;
  • UNIQUE Passive: +40% Magic Penetration.

The Staff of Void is a very useful item to detonate the high Magic Resist enemies have at this point in battle.

End Items

Rabadon's Death Hood

Cost: 3800 (1265)

  • +120 Ability Power;
  • UNIQUE Passive: Increases Ability Power by 35%.

It's a very expensive item and, therefore, it was left out of the Core Items. But if you find yourself needing more Ability Power, you can replace the Staff of Void with this potent item.

Luden's Echo

Cost: 3200 (1100)

  • +100 Ability Power;
  • +10% Movement Speed;
  • UNIQUE Passive - Echo: Gains charges when moving or casting. At 100 charges, the next skill that hits and deals damage consumes all charges to deal 100 (+10% of Ability Power) bonus magic damage to up to 4 targets on hit.

Luden's Echo is a cheaper item than Rabadon's Death Cowl and offers nearly the same Ability Power. Buy it if you are losing the battle.

Zhonya's Paradox

Cost: 3900 (1000)

  • +100 Ability Power;
  • +60 Armor;
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction;
  • UNIQUE Active - Stasis: Champion becomes invulnerable and unreachable for 2.5 seconds, but is unable to move, attack, cast abilities, or use items during this period (120s cooldown).

Zhonya's Paradox is an item to reinforce Armor. It will be very useful to survive in the mid lane.

Banshee's Veil

Cost: 3000 (800)

  • +70 Ability Power;
  • +60 Magic Resistance;
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction;
  • UNIQUE Passive: Grants a Spell Shield that blocks the next enemy skill. Shield resets if no damage is taken from enemy champions for 40 seconds.

You should buy Banshee's Veil if facing enemies with high magic damage.

Liandry's Torment

Cost: 3100 (750)

  • +80 Ability Power;
  • +300 Health;
  • UNIQUE Passive - Eyes of Pain: +15 Magic Penetration;
  • UNIQUE Passive: Skills incinerate enemies for 3 seconds, dealing bonus magic damage equal to 2% of their current Health per second. Fire damage is doubled against movement-impaired units.

This item is a good alternative to Luden's Echo increasing its damage thanks to Magic Penetration. This might be the last build item for the end of the battle.

Examples of Builds

Zoe's features

Attributes 1 Level 18 Level By Level
Life 526 2090 +92
Life Regeneration 6.5 16.7 +0.6
Attack damage 56 112 +3.3
attack speed 0.625 42.5% + 2.5 %
Armor 20.8 80.3 + 3.5 %
magic resistance 30 38.5 + 0.5 %
What 340 1190
Mana Regeneration 6.5 16.7 + 0.6 %
Movement speed 340
Scope 525
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