Check out all the items in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

any departure from Fortnite: Battle Royale starts with the player without any equipment except their gathering tool. As soon as the Battle Bus doors open and the player lands, it is vital to pick up weapons and other items to be able to fight and, with a little luck and a lot of skill, win the match.

The items that we are going to indicate in this list play a very important role in protecting and healing the player. Some items are more valuable than others and your backpack space is limited, so it's important to know each item.


Items that regenerate player's health bar, keeping him alive and with his finger on the trigger. There are different types of dressings. Only use healing items in a safe place, as the player is vulnerable during this time. You can also heal a teammate in Squad mode.


Bandages are the most common healing item in Fortnite. It takes four seconds to place and regenerates 15% health bar per unit. Bandages can be used to heal up to 75% of the health bar.

Medical Kit

This bag of bandages can regenerate completely your life bar. However, it takes 10 seconds to use. Use only in a safe place.

Juice Grup

Probably one of the most valuable items in the game. O juice can heal your energy and also regenerate your shield at the same time. Used in combination with bandage or small shield potions, it is possible to fill health and shield bars. It is rare to find the juice outside of chests or air delivery and it takes time to act.

Shield Potions

These potions are for increase or regenerate your shield. The shield is the best protection against enemy fire, but does not protect from falls or the Storm. They are available in two sizes: small and big. The small potion can only fill your shield 25% per unit max up to 50%. The large shield potion can heal 50% per unit and can be used until the shield bar is fully filled.

Special Items

These items can heal and protect you in different ways. They are largely rare, being only available in chests or air delivery.


Recently added, the bonfire is a rare item. When placed on the floor, she immediately heals 2% health per second, lasting a maximum of 25 seconds. This item is very useful in squad or duo matches, as it heals all nearby players. Be careful when placing it near enemies so they don't take advantage of the bonfire's powers.

Turn turn

Very rare, that special drink can fill your health bar and also fully regenerate your shield. It takes 15 seconds to use, so make sure you're hidden from your enemies. It pays to save for the final stages of the game.


A common item that can be found on the ground, in chests, or by air drop. Place it on a surface (ceiling, wall, or floor) and wait for a distracted opponent to enjoy the trap in all its glory. It can be used in your buildings or any other building. Traps don't take up space in your backpack, you can take all you can find.


Put it on the ground and jump. Use it to escape your enemies, the Storm or to attack from a different angle. Whenever you use the trampoline to be catapulted into the air, be prepared to use your Hang Glider to land smoothly. Opponents can use the mattress or detonate it, like any trap.


The best way to camouflage yourself on the playing field. Transform into a dangerous, heavily armed bush and go unnoticed by your enemies. The Shrub can only be used once, and for the illusion to be complete, kneeling is required. Does not increase your shield.

climbing hook

A weapon that throws a very practical grappling hook. Use it to get to high places quickly, chain different shots like Spider-Man or to surprise an enemy. Remember that you only have 15 shots and there is no way to reload.

Learning how to manage your backpack space well in Fortnite Battle Royale is very important. Learn to decide which are the best weapons and items to carry, discarding what you find unnecessary.

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