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Free Fire is a Battle Royale style game, inspired by PUBG, where you want to be the last survivor. With action-packed matches, many different weapons and varied modes Free Fire tests any player's skills well, so grab your parachute and jump headfirst.

Check out some tips to cheat death and be the winner or lead your team to victory in this Battle Royale!

1. Choose well where to land

Where you land is very important, as it will determine your immediate survival. It is important that you choose a place isolated from other players, where the city is close, but not too close to be dangerous.

So try to get out of cities or towns. It's more important not to be vulnerable while not effectively armed than to find buildings laden with loot.

Discover the map and find out where to loot with our tips!

2. Be quick to get loot

You don't want to get into combat without having the right gear. So as soon as you get to the ground, you should start looking for items nearby from the place where it fell.

Initially, you must take everything you find, as you can always change or improve the equipment. There are four essential items for your survival in order of importance:

  • Weapons: obviously essential for you to enter combat and defeat your opponents.
  • Helmet: important to defend against snipers, as it reduces the damage taken to the head.
  • Vest: protect your torso and reduce the damage you take from being hit in the body.
  • Bag: increases the number of items you can carry.

3. Choose your ideal weapon

There are several types of weapons in Free Fire Battlegrounds and the usefulness of each one will depend on the situation and your style of play. Choose weapons for medium and long ranges and others for short ranges if you can.

  • Assault rifle: good at both medium and long range, but difficult to control while shooting.
  • sniper: they do great damage, but take longer to recharge and are rarer to find on the map.
  • Shotgun: brutally dismantles the enemy if you're close enough.
  • Gun: used in close combat and very common across the map. Outside of the first few moments of the game, they are practically useless.

Discover all the Free Fire weapons and which are the best!

4. Keep your health bar full

If you are injured, heal quickly, preferably in a sheltered place. Shots and falls take your life and if you have bandages available there is no point in walking around injured and vulnerable.

5. Be aware of the Safe Zone

On your minimap you will see a white circle delimiting the safe zone. Watch out as this zone will respawn and you need to get inside it as fast as possible or you will be eliminated by the Radiation or as some players say, the Gas

It is important, during this phase of displacement, be aware of other players, purposely positioned to catch whoever is moving around the map.

6. Check the hazards on the minimap

The minimap is important not only to check the safe zone, but also to warn you of potential threats.

If you hear gunshots or explosions nearby, look for orange dots on the minimap. They will indicate the origin of battle sounds.

In addition to Radiation, there is a danger of being bombed and/or detected by a drone. Pay close attention to the mini map so as not to be surprised. The bombardment appears as a red circle. The drone zone appears as a yellow circle. It can sometimes be advantageous to keep an eye on the drone's zone, as this will indicate the position of other enemies.

Learn all about the drone that appears on the map!

7. Don't expose yourself

It is very important to try to avoid being exposed. So, before moving around the map, analyze the path you are going to take and see where you can take shelter. When shooting, try to shoot from protected areas and not in the open. Don't think you're invincible.

8. Let the others kill themselves!

The philosophy of a survival game is to stay alive while the others do poorly. then you must avoid entering combat unnecessarily. This strategy is known as "camping" or "camping" and although it is not popular with many players it is effective. However, this will not make you win, but you will be able to choose your fights better and stay alive.

9. Use vehicles at the right time

You can use vehicles in Free Fire Battlegrounds to gain an advantage by crushing enemies that are in your way or quickly traversing the map.

But they will make a lot of noise, what will alert your opponents to your location. There is also another risk: a vehicle being attacked can explode, resulting in your instant death.

10. Military locations have better quality loot

Whenever you go through a watch-tower, trench ou military tent, it is worth investigating. These types of military locations are likely to have good loot, both in terms of weaponry and supplies. Check other places where you can loot quickly.

11. Customize your controls

After a few matches, you'll have a better idea of ​​Free Fire's mechanics. Access the controls menu and, if necessary, customize your aim and controls, mapping different areas of the screen. Also try changing the sensitivity. The important thing is to get an intuitive control that suits your style of play.

12. Keep communicating

in mode of Duo ou Squad it's very important listen and speak with your team. Make sure your microphone and phones are activated on the symbols marked with the arrow in the image above. Keep communications clear, short and simple for your team to help each other.

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