Card to change Free Fire name: how to get it, price and possible methods

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Free Fire players are sometimes not attentive when setting up their accounts. Therefore, in this process, players select random identifiers. Although this nickname can be changed later, it is done at the expense of a significant number of diamonds.

Users must spend 399 diamonds or use a special Name Change Card to change their IGN. The card was previously available for free as part of the Regional Battle, where players from Nepal, India and Bangladesh crossed the sword. However, this has not occurred in the game since the Bangladesh server was separated.

Everything you need to know about the Free Fire name change card

Considering the cost of changing the IGN, the value of the Change of Name Card has grown significantly. One of the most common methods of acquiring it in-game is using Guild Tokens. Players will need a total of 200 guild tokens along with a total of 39 diamonds.

On the other hand, users will have to complete Guild Daily Quests to earn Guild Tokens. Once they have enough tokens and diamonds, they can follow the steps below to change the IGN:

Step 1: after opening the game, players can go straight to the store.

Step 2: Then they must tap on the redemption section and select the Guild Token.

Step 3: users need to press the name change card and click the switch button. When a dialog box appears on the screen, they must confirm the exchange.

Diamonds and Guild Tokens will be deducted while they receive the Name Change Card.

Other Possible Methods

The name change card is often available as a reward at certain events. Also, the Name Change is one of the items accessible in the Mystery Shop. As a result, players can buy one when these events are added to the server.

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