Boom Villages in Coin Master: Best Villages to Buy Chests!

The best villages in Coin Master are the Boom Villages. These villages give you more coins and more rares when you buy or earn chests while you are in them. Now you'll know which villages these are and tips to get as many benefits as possible while playing these stages!

  • Village 5: Far East
  • Village 7: sunny hawaii
  • Village 10: Atlantis
  • Village 13: Arabian Nights
  • Village 15: wild west
  • Village 17: Jungle
  • Village 20: Arctic
  • Village 22: land of sweets
  • Village 27: Columbo
  • Village 30: India
  • Village 34: dragon's lair
  • Village 35: greek island
  • Village 37: or wizard
  • Village 40: The store 51
  • Village 45: Musketeers
  • Village 47: Theme park
  • Village 49: Inferno
  • Village 50: Easter
  • Village 51: Japan
  • Village 55: Jurassic Village
  • Village 57: Mongolia
  • Village 60: Robin Hood
  • Village 61: depths of the sea
  • Village 62: Don Quixote
  • Village 65: Olympus
  • Village 75: Unicorn
  • Village 79: lead soldier
  • Village 83: Car race
  • Village 87: Baba Yaga
  • Village 90: King Arthur
  • Village 93: Caribbean Resort
  • Village 95: egyptian pyramids
  • Village 98: Milky Way
  • Village 102: Goblin Ghetto
  • Village 105: Circus
  • Village 107: Golf course
  • Village 110: rice planter
  • Village 112: Irish fun
  • Village 115: Aztec
  • Village 117: Ice queen
  • Village 121: Sneakers
  • Village 125: Witches
  • Village 127: Zanzibar
  • Village 130: Argentina
  • Village 135: Fitness
  • Village 136: New York
  • Vla 138: Punk rock
  • Village 140: Rio
  • Village 141: space pirate
  • Village 142: Mechanical workshop
  • Village 143: Space Shuttle

Why are Boom Villages the best villages?

Inferno village is one of the best!

There is something we call in Coin Master Boom Villages, or Boom Villages, in our language. These are the villages that for some reason the game's developers set would give players more rewards when playing in them.

In this case, any of the villages above will give you an "extra" in the quality of the cards and in the amount of coins that come out in the chests while playing in them. These are the phases that should take the longest to evolve, as each chest you buy or win will have more chances to give rare cards.

These villages are discovered by experienced Coin Master players, who share on social networks and in Facebook groups the stages that have won the most rare cards, for example. So it's a list that can be updated as more players unlock advanced villages.

Tips for winning more prizes in the best villages

First, take time to evolve all buildings in each village. Use the money you earn from events and spinning the wheel to buy chests of cards. Go for the more expensive chests, of course. And if you can, try to win a Lucky Chest or Joker Chest, which are the rarest of all chests!

It is important that you try to stay in the top positions of the special events that take place every day. These events make great chests, and if you're in a boom village, it increases the potential to get rare cards.

Another tip is to keep an eye out for the Coin Master event that gives 50% more cards per chest for a few hours. If you win a Magic Chest during this event, instead of 8, you get 12 cards. Which certainly helps to win those that were missing for your collection.

Finally, move on to the next village only after completing a set of cards. So you can be sure that you've made the most of the boom village's potential.

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