Best DNS for PS4: Settings and Optimization Tips!

Improving the speed of downloads on PS4 is one of the goals of every console gamer. For that reason you need a DNS that optimizes this part of your experience. We offer you a very effective option and some tips to avoid that slowdown on the PlayStation, especially when we play those heavy titles that take up more than 50GB of storage.

Google DNS is the best for PS4

Changing DNS can be an immediate solution at internet speed!

A tip that can completely save your downloads on PS4. It is worth mentioning, however, that there is no "proof" that this works for all users. Still, all you're going to do is change your PlayStation 4's DNS to Google's. Exactly: Google's.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to "Settings" on your PS4
  • Enter "Network".
  • On this screen, go to the option to set connection options
  • Set whether to use WiFi or cable connection
  • Customize the connection settings, replacing the current ones with the following:
    • IP Address Settings: automatic

    • DHCP Hostname = do not specify

    • DNS Options = Manual

    • Primary DNS:

    • Secondary DNS:

    • MTU options: automatic

    • Proxy Server: do not use

So you can further optimize your internet on PS4, here are 3 basic tips that help a lot.

1. The internet must always be cable, not WiFi

We know that playing while connected to WiFi is much more convenient. But in terms of speed it might not be the best idea. Firstly, if you share the internet with other people or with other devices, such as cell phones, you will experience a very drastic drop in speed.

Apart from that WiFi can suffer more from technical problems of the wireless network, so your PS4 DNS will suffer sooner or later. For this reason the internet must always be connected by cables. This ensures greater stability and download speed.

2. PlayStation 4 always in sleep mode for downloads

It's no use playing FIFA 20 online while downloading a game. Obviously this will make it take much longer for the game to download and install on your hard drive. In this case the best thing is to be patient and put the console in rest mode. This will at least double the speed at which a game is downloaded.

But of course you should not forget to put the option to stay connected to the internet when the PS4 is in sleep mode.

3. Pause and resume the download if it is taking too long

A very useful technique that we have been able to prove works is to pause and resume the download whenever it becomes slow. Go to the downloads section, click to give that quick pause, wait a few seconds and give the command to download again. Amazingly, this will help.

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