Basic guide on how to create Discord bots in 2022!

Creating a bot on Discord can be a complicated task for those who don't know anything about programming. Even so, the tutorial below teaches a very simple way for you to create basic bots with the help of websites specialized in the subject, without having to program anything. But attention: as it does not require programming knowledge, the method below does not allow you to create very customized bots, as you will be limited to the options available on the sites below.

1 - First, being logged in to your Discord, access the Discord Developer Portal and, in the left menu, select "Applications":

2 - On the next screen, select "New Application":

3 - Then choose the desired name for your bot and click "Create". You will not be able to skip this step if you are not logged in to Discord or if you still need to verify your account in your email:

4 - On the next screen, choose the option "Bot" from the left menu, then select "Add Bot":

5 - Confirm the bot addition in the next window:

6 - Again in the "Bot" menu, click on the "Copy" checked below to copy your bot's Token. You'll need it in the next step.

How to add functions to your bot

1 - With the bot created, it's time to designate the roles it can perform on your server. To do this, go to the BotGhost website, select "Login with Discord" and on the next screen choose "Authorize":

If the platform asks you to enter the server Token, just paste it in the designated field. As a rule, as soon as you log into your account on the site, it will automatically recognize your bot:

2 - Once the bot is logged in, browse the available functions and enable the ones you want in your bot:

If necessary, use a translator to better understand the function of each tool. You'll notice that some are Premium, meaning you have to pay to use them. Even so, BotGhost has a good range of free options for you to add to your bot:

  • Moderation: warnings, invites, suggestions, kicks, bans, mutes, help, clearing messages, assigning roles, etc.
  • Messages: welcome, farewell and general announcements.
  • Auto-moderation: banning specific words, links, invites, too many mentions, too many emoticons, etc.
  • Creation of commands with specific effects.
  • Meme creation.
  • Search engine.

At each function menu, you can customize the tool the way you want, just don't forget to save the changes. That way the new tools will be immediately applied to your bot.

Finally, know that all your bot information (ID, public key, description, terms and services, etc.)General Information":

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