Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Best Armor

There's a story in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, but for the most part, that's not the main attraction that keeps players glued to it like flies on flypaper. Because even before the Assassin's Creed franchise turned into full-on RPGs, costumes and clothing were always the goal. Looking at prey while defeating enemies often takes precedence over saving the world from a fake Illuminati.

With Assassin's Creed: Origins and more, these outfits have become more than just for show. The last three Assassin's Creed games have put some interesting RPG stats on them; Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is no exception. Now, players not only look stylish while brutalizing some stupid AI, but they also transform into demigods thanks to the stats. If that's what they want, they should aim for these armors.

10. Brigandine Armor

The Brigandine Armor Set is a classic nod to typical Viking attire. Players will notice that he has no horns and this is the historically accurate version of him. It's a simple armor, perfect for anyone who likes to communicate with big, sharp weapons.

As expected, the Brigandine set is made for warrior archetypes, for melee combat. More than that, it grants a good armor advantage if players are literally surrounded by two or more enemies. It also increases melee damage. It's great for those who always jump headfirst into the fray.

9. Thor's Armor

Who wouldn't want to look like a literal Norse god as he commands his own Viking ship and lets the Scandinavian sun shine on his glorious armor? The Thor armor set is the best way to fulfill this Asgardian dream.

This one is best paired with Mjolnir or other blunt weapons, as it's all about getting the most out of stun enemies. Thor's set grants players a temporary speed buff if they stun their enemies. To get more stuns, the set also increases the chance to stun enemies.

8. Mentor's Armor

All those loud and brash armor sets probably make some players crave a subtle, stronger outfit. So the Mentor Armor Set should remedy that. It's made for quick hit-and-run tactics and maybe a little stealth into the mix.

That's because the Mentor Armor Set increases the player's Attack after scoring Critical Hits. To increase this, the chances of landing critical hits increase as the player's Attack Speed ​​increases. It's a vicious cycle that likely leaves many enemies dead before players even accumulate bonuses.

7. Saint George's Armor

Dressing up as a member of the Brotherhood of Assassins can be a bit tedious at times. So for anyone looking to spice things up a bit in the fashion department, looking like a member of the Knights Templar wearing Saint George's Armor offers a nice change of scenery.

The armor looks like a nod to the Knights Templar attire of the Crusades, who are likely arriving in the Valhalla timeline. It is also a combat-oriented armor set, where the player's Attack increases after impaling an enemy.

6. Armor two Hidden

Okay, forget about the Mentor Armor Set for stealth, the Hidden Armor Set is more tailor-made for shady individuals. It is, first and foremost, Brotherhood of Assassins armor, although it is tall and shiny with an oriental or Middle Eastern flavor.

In terms of stat boosts, the Hidden set gives a significant increase to Assassination Damage if players are crouched or undetected for at least 10 seconds. If the intimate stabbing fails, they can always resort to bows, as this armor set also increases Headshot Damage.

5. Clan of the Crow

Of course, who could forget one of Valhalla's oldest and most eye-catching armor sets, the Clan Raven Armor? It's tied with the Brigandine Set for that grizzled Viking look, perfect for raids or general combat if players are focused on melee.

The cape and animal fur combine well together to make this armor set look elegant yet sturdy. And it's hard, as the Raven Clan set increases the player's damage as their health decreases. It also gives a bonus to Critical Chance, making it purely offensive armor.

4. Galloway Armadura

Then again, the Viking style isn't just limited to Clan Raven and Brigandine Armor Sets, as the Galloglach is also a strong contender for the Icelandic warrior look. He even has larger fur coats compared to the other two Viking-themed armor sets and has a darker, tougher appearance.

As players can imagine, this one also focuses more on giving the characters as much leverage as possible. The Galloglach set makes players dizzy, increasing their melee Resistance when finishing off enemies. It also adds more melee damage to the player to balance things out.

3. Carolingian Dynasty Ensemble

This one is from the in-game store, but players can get it for free if they have Amazon Prime. It would be a shame to skip this one, as it's one of the most unique melee-centric armor sets in the game that isn't a Viking set or a bearskin.

The Carolingian Dynasty Armor Set is scale armor with large amounts of metal to make characters look closer to medieval knights. It's not just for show; Carolingian armor rewards having low health and high health, while the former condition generates greater armor, while the latter grants greater damage.

2. Armor of Thegn

For the biggest Valhalla appearance ever, possibly next to the Thor set, Thegn's is a head-turner. It's an elegant chainmail that still looks formidable enough to be used in battle; if you're heading down the halls of Valhalla, it might as well be shiny and chrome anyway.

The armor set is also built for critical damage as it increases the player's Critical Chance whenever they parry. Parrying or not, it also gives a considerable boost to critical damage. More than anything though, it's the armor's appearance that will win you over.

1. Berserker Set

It wouldn't be a true Viking RPG now without any mention of berserkers, would it? The Berserker Armor Set is the epitome of this concept in Valhalla and is arguably the most intimidating armor in the game. The helmet is literally a bearskin, and like any true berserker gear, the character's skin doubles as their armor, so it's shown more liberally.

It is only available through Ultimate DLC. However, the stat bonuses make the armor worth it as it increases the player's speed when they take damage, as well as a steady increase in Attack and Armor. Heck, even the appearance of the armor alone should suffice as a weapon.

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