ARK: Survival Evolved - How to catch and hatch a dinosaur egg!

In ARK: Survival Evolved you can get eggs and hatch them to earn baby dinosaurs. The best thing is that these dinos are already tamed, which saves you a lot of work in the game. In this article we teach you how to hatch eggs, how to get them from other players and everything you need to know about the baby dinosaurs and other animals in the game!

Step 1: Get an Egg

Getting an egg is the easy part

There is more than one way to get an egg in ARK: Survival Evolved. Below we list and explain the two main ways to have this item, one easy and the other complicated.

Taming 2 dinosaurs of the same species to get an egg

Have two dinosaurs, one male and one female of the same species. Not all, however, are able to mate and give you a fertilized egg. Once you have the creatures, they must:

  • be close to each other
  • With the "Wander" option active
  • Their inventories cannot be full
  • Cannot be following or mounted

It may happen that they split up, because they have the Vagar option active. However, as a rule, they are close together and a playbar appears. When she is complete, an egg wrapped in a red cloud appears. There you have a dinosaur egg to hatch!

Collecting a wild egg

Collecting a wild egg can be difficult. You can steal eggs from another player, for example, but that means you can be attacked in retaliation. Or you can even raid a dinosaur nest to steal the item. This is the case if you want a Wyvern, Rock Drake and Deinonychus egg, as these dinosaurs cannot be tamed.

Anyway, this method is riskier than the other. We recommend that you tame as many dinosaurs as you want to get the egg.

Step 2: Hatching the egg

Having a dino child takes work!

The egg will only hatch after it has been incubated. Incubation starts the moment you put the egg on the ground. To hatch, it needs to be given the right amount of heat for its species. For this information, look at the egg and parent dinosaur information sheet.

Here are some tips for properly hatching dinosaur eggs:

  • To give the egg the right incubation temperature, use 6 to 8 air conditioners. This way, they will prevent the egg from getting too hot or the egg from suffering variations in temperature.
  • If you don't have an air conditioner, use a Torch, Large Torch, or Campfire, although these items are less effective.
  • Don't try to hatch eggs in regions with extreme temperatures, especially if you don't have air conditioning, as this will destroy the eggs.
  • Eggs maintain health in the Inventory, so if you can't hatch them in a certain place, you can save them to avoid loss.

Step 3: Taking care of the baby dinosaur

Okay, you managed to hatch the egg! But now he has to take care of the baby dinosaur, which can be a daunting task. When the baby is born it needs a lot of food, so have a large supply to feed the little dinosaur. Over time he gains HP and carrying capacity.

Tips to make your baby dinosaur grow strong and healthy:

  • Only hatch an egg and mature the chick if you or the tribe you belong to has time to do so.
  • Carnivorous dinosaurs, for example, take 48 hours to stop being babies
  • On average you will have to fill a carnivorous dinosaur trough every 13 hours of the game
  • A herbivorous dinosaur eats everything in the trough in just under 3 game days
  • Babies run away from fights and cannot be ridden
  • The chick grows when it reaches 10% maturation. After that he can feed himself.
  • Remove the "Wander" option from the puppy, otherwise you may lose it.

Baby dinosaurs don't belong to anyone when they're born, so you should take possession of the little dino as soon as it's born. At the same time, if you know of a player hatching an egg, you can keep an eye out for them!

How to have puppies from other animals?

Having a Gorilla can be very useful to survive

It's not just dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved. You have Sabertooth, Mammoth, Wolf, Gorilla, among others. The procedure is the same for getting dinosaur eggs: place a male and a female of the same species in "Wander" mode and close together.

If successful, the female will consume twice as much food as normal. In fact, if the food is below what she needs, you run the risk of losing the puppy.

Once born, care is more or less the same as with a baby dinosaur. Make sure you have enough food to handle the initial maturation phase, from the "Baby" phase to the "Youth" phase.

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