All Rocket League Ranks and Rules (2020/2022)

Rocket League has a fairly common Ranked system applied to its competitive modes. As the game received a very large influx of new players as it became free in September 2020, many people still don't know what ranks (patents) are available and what rules are involved to move up between them. So, check out the list of all Rocket League ranks below, in order, and then see which rules apply:

No rank

Bronze I

Bronze II

Bronze III

Prata I

Silver II

Prata III

Gold I

Gold II

Gold III

Platinum I

Platinum II

Platinum III

Diamond I

Diamond II

Diamond III

Champion I

champion II

Champion III

Grand Champion I

Grand Champion II

Grand Champion III

supersonic legend

How ranks work in Rocket League

  • It is necessary to level up to level 10 to unlock competitive matches.
  • When you unlock competitive modes, your starting rank will be "Unranked", and you'll need to play a few matches to determine your level and where you'll start in the list of ranks above.
  • Each rank has 3 subdivisions, the lowest represented by "I" and the highest represented by "III". totaling 22 patents.
  • You will have a rank for each competitive mode in the game, that is, you can be Silver II in Solo mode and Platinum III in Duos mode, for example.
  • The ranking system works with the MMR (Matchmaking Rating) mechanic, as in most games. In Rocket League, this score is hidden.
  • Whenever you win a match, you earn points. Whenever you lose a match, you lose points.
  • Goals, assists and MVP awards do not influence the amount of MMR received, that is, only the victory matters.
  • The higher your opponents' MMR, the more points you'll get if you beat them. On the other hand, if you lose to low MMR opponents, you will also lose more points.
  • Each rank in the game has a minimum score that, when reached, gets you promoted. This minimum score varies from time to time.

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