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GTA 3 codes have become part of the fun of the game over time. With them you can make things easier by recovering health when you want or reducing your wanted level, but you can also change the scenarios themselves by increasing or decreasing fog etc. Below are the codes for GTA 3 on PC, with a column saying if it also works in the GTA 3 version of GTA: The Trilogy

Don't forget to save your game progress because some of the cheats can get in the way of completing some missions and cannot be turned off. Enter the codes while the game is running, without being paused or in the menus, if typed correctly a text box will appear.

code effect Code Notes Works in GTA: The Trilogy
Unlock all weapons GUNSGUNSGUNS Yes
full armor TURTLE or TURTLE Yes
bring back to life HEALTH It also recovers the car you are driving. Yes
blow up all the cars BANGBANGBANG Yes
Closed time PEASOUP Yes
Cloudy weather ILIKESCOTLAND Yes
Rainy weather ILOVESCOTLAND Yes
Pedestrians attack you NOBODYLIKESME Yes
Armed pedestrians WEAPONSFORALL Yes
slow game BOOOOORING Yes
fast-paced game TIMEFLIESWHENYOU Yes
advance the time MADWEATHER Yes
Improve driving skill CORNERSLIKEMAD Improves cornering, acceleration, braking and lets you jump out of the car. Yes
invisible cars ANICESETOFWHEELS No
Increase wanted level MOREPOLICEPLEASE Yes
Lower wanted level NOPOLICEPLEASE Yes
More money IFIWEREARICHMAN $ 250.000 Yes
unlock all clothes ILIKEDRESSINGUP Yes
head mode EXPANDDOME This code only works on the remastered version in GTA: The Trilogy.

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