All Free Fire submachine guns and their features! (2022)

Even with the high popularity and success of Free Fire, many players still get confused when completing missions related to the game's submachine guns. In addition to a very recent addition to the category, many players, even if experienced, still confuse one of the submachine guns with a sniper and end up having a little more work on the quests. So, check out the complete and updated list below with all Free Fire submachine guns and their characteristics!

1. Vector: double destruction

The Vector is the latest Free Fire submachine gun, having been introduced into the game at the end of 2020. The weapon has a unique mechanic that allows the player to use two at the same time. While this is extremely favorable for close quarters combat, both weapon slots are busy, making it impossible for the player to use weapons with greater range. Overall, the weapon has proven to be very one-sided and, despite being a lot of fun, it doesn't seem to be viable in most situations.

  • Hurt: 47
  • Scope: 32
  • Comb Capacity: 30
  • Fire Rate: 81
  • Recharge Speed: 62
  • Precision: 61
  • Accessories: Mouth, and Charger (Cartridge)

2. Thompson: contender for the crown

Thompson was added to Free Fire's ranked Battle Royale in April 2020 and soon became one of the best submachine guns in the game, vying for first place with then-champion MP40. Even having several attributes superior to the competitor, both weapons are equally viable, with Thompson being better suited for combats at slightly greater distances.

  • Hurt: 50
  • Scope: 33
  • Comb Capacity: 40
  • Fire Rate: 77
  • Recharge Speed: 48
  • Precision: 34
  • Accessories: Mouth, Grip and Stock

3. MP40: Still the best submachine gun in the game?

Still considered by many to be the best submachine gun in the game, the MP40 stands out among the most experienced players due to the damage and high rate of fire that make it the most lethal weapon in its category. However, the weapon requires a higher skill level to unlock its true potential, as it suffers a lot in terms of accuracy. Still, unbeatable for close quarters combat.

  • Hurt: 48
  • Scope: 22
  • Comb Capacity: 20
  • Fire Rate: 83
  • Recharge Speed: 48
  • Precision: 17
  • Accessories: Grip and Magazine (Cartridge)

4. VSS: Looks like, but it's not a sniper!

That's right. To this day many players confuse the VSS with a sniper due to its high range aim. However, the weapon is actually a submachine gun quite unlike any other. For starters, it already comes with a built-in silencer which, combined with a range worthy of a sniper rifle, allows you to attack from afar without making too much of a fuss. Even so, the very low magazine capacity and high rate of fire make you need to reload very often.

Although the main "advantage" of the VSS over other submachine guns is its range, don't forget that it is still a submachine gun, that is, it will do little damage from afar. Always prioritize assault and sniper rifles for these situations.

  • Hurt: 50
  • Scope: 84
  • Comb Capacity: 15
  • Fire Rate: 48
  • Recharge Speed: 55
  • Precision: 90
  • Accessories: Charger (Cartridge)

5. P90: bullets forever

Affectionately nicknamed the P-Disgusting, the P90 is perfect for anyone who wants to hold the fire button like there's no tomorrow. Its main feature is the high capacity of the magazine (50 bullets) which, combined with its reasonable accuracy, make the weapon extremely dangerous at short distances, in addition to being friendly to novice players.

As if that wasn't enough, the P90 has support for a magazine, which can further increase the magazine's capacity. Other than that, the weapon doesn't excel in any other respect, so make good use of the high number of bullets.

  • Hurt: 48
  • Scope: 27
  • Comb Capacity: 50
  • Fire Rate: 75
  • Recharge Speed: 48
  • Precision: 37
  • Accessories: Magazine (Cartridge) and Sight

6. UMP: the "joker" submachine gun

Undoubtedly the best known submachine gun of all shooting games. In Free Fire, she is also the most balanced in terms of attributes: she doesn't excel at anything and she isn't bad at anything. Despite having a stronger recoil than the other SMGs, it also has support for several accessories and ends up becoming a very versatile and attractive weapon for newbies.

  • Hurt: 48
  • Scope: 31
  • Comb Capacity: 30
  • Fire Rate: 75
  • Recharge Speed: 62
  • Precision: 24
  • Accessories: Silencer, Mouth, Grip, Magazine (Cartridge) and Sight

7. MP5: almost a laser beam

The MP5 combines an absurd rate of fire with a stolen accuracy, being the best option in its category for combats in closed environments and also in medium distance. Although there are equally stable submachine guns, the MP5 is the one that loses effect the least at longer distances, and the support for all accessories in the game also makes the weapon one of the most versatile.

Even with so much fire rate and accuracy, the MP5 is not very effective against Vest 3 opponents, especially at medium and long distances.

  • Hurt: 48
  • Scope: 27
  • Comb Capacity: 30
  • Fire Rate: 69
  • Recharge Speed: 62
  • Precision: 53
  • Accessories: Silencer, Mouth, Grip, Magazine (Cartridge) and Sight

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