All About Virizion: Pokémon GO's New Legendary Raid Boss!

With Terrakion gone from the legendary 5-star raids, a new member of the Swords of Justice takes its place: Virizion! This Grass/Fighting Legendary Pokemon will be available from today (17/12) until 07/01/2020.

So you don't waste time and prepare in the best way possible for combat, check out everything you need to know to defeat Virizion below!

Weaknesses and Resistances

As a Grass and Fighting Pokémon, Virizion has the following weaknesses and resistances:

Weaknesses Resistances
Flying (256%) - Double Weakness Dark (62.5%)
Fire (160%) Electric (62.5%)
Ice (160%) Plant (62.5%)
Long (160%) Terrestrial (62.5%)
Poisonous (160%) Stone (62.5%)
Psychic (160%) Water (62.5%)

Best counters for Virizion

Due to its double weakness against Flying, most of Virizion's counters follow this line. In descending order of effectiveness, your best counters are:

Pokémon Attacks
1 ¬ļ Moltres Wing Attack / Sky Attack
2 ¬ļ Honchkrow Peck / Sky Attack
3 ¬ļ Rayquaza Blow of Air / Wings of the Ares
4 ¬ļ Unfezant Air Strike / Sky Attack
5 ¬ļ Mewtwo Confusion / Psychic Strike
6 ¬ļ Ho-oh Hidden Power / White Bird
7 ¬ļ Zapdos Lightning Load / Drill Nozzle
8 ¬ļ Togekiss Blow of Air / Wings of the Ares
9 ¬ļ Staraptor Wing Attack / Angry Bird
10 ¬ļ Lugia Extrasensory / Sky Attack

General Attributes of Virizion

Max CP 3022
Attack 192
Defense 229
Stamina 209
weather bonus sunny and cloudy

Overall, Virizion lacks spectacular attributes. Considering Attack, Defense and Stamina, the pokémon is ranked, respectively, in positions 207, 25 and 101, among the 688 pokémons in the game. His very high ends up not being so attractive since, being Legendary, he can't be placed in gyms.

Good hunting!

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