Age of Mythology: full list of game cheats

Age of Mythology has some cheat codes (cheats) that you can use during matches to acquire some perks or other interesting effects. The most useful ones are those related to the game's resources and abilities, but there are also some purely aesthetic ones. Anyway, here we have gathered all the game codes for you to use as you wish.

Regarding the codes, keep in mind that:

  • To use them, just open the chat by pressing enter at any time during the game, type the cheat and confirm it with Enter again.
  • Cheats must be all capitalized.
  • Check if the code works for the expansion you are using. Some cheats do not work in the original version of Age of Mythology.
Code Effect
ATM OF EREBUS +1000 Gold
LAY OF THE LAND Reveal the map
LETS GO! NOW! (coloque 2 espaços antes de NOW) Increases game speed
CONSIDER THE INTERNET Decrease game speed
L33T SUP4 H4X0R quick builds
MOUNT OLYMPUS Favor (prayer) at most
DIVINE INTERVENTION Recovers used powers
BAWK BAWK BOOM meteor power
WRAITH OF THE GODS Storms, Lightning, etc.
IN DARKEST NIGHT Turn day into night
RED TIDE Turn the water red
GOATUNHEIM Turn everyone into goats
FEAR THE FORAGE Summons a walking bush
I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1! Summons a troop of monkeys
TINES OF POWER Summons a youth with trident
OR CANADA Summon a bear with lasers
wow wow Summons a flying hippo
CHANNEL SURFING Win the stage in Campaign mode
THRILL OF VICTORY Automatically win the game
MR. MONDAY Gives 100% Handcap to Machine Titan
ENGINEERED GRAIN Automatically fatten the herd
PANDORAS BOX ("ZENOS PARADOX" for The Titans expansion) random powers
ISIS HEAR MY PLEA ("ATLANTIS REBORN" para aa expansão The Titans) Summons Campaign Mode Heroes
RESET BUTTON (exclusive to The Titans expansion) Remove the buildings
TITANOMACHY (exclusive to The Titans expansion) Summon a Titan
BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK (exclusive to The Titans expansion) summon a dog
TINFOIL HAT (exclusive to The Titans expansion) The ownership of all units switches randomly
NINJACONNOR (exclusivo da expensão Extended Edition) Grants 100.000 of each resource, increases population cap to 300, gives unlimited use of powers, and multiplies building and research speed by 100
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