Age of Empires 2: know all the codes (cheats) of the game

Using cheat codes (cheats) is a great way to relax in any game, and Age of Empires 2 couldn't be any different. The game has some useful (and other useless) cheats for you to set up some situations that wouldn't be possible otherwise. That's why we've gathered all the game codes here so you don't have to look any further.

Attention: to use the codes, just open the chat by pressing enter at any time during the game, type the cheat and confirm it with Enter again.

Code Effect

cheese steak jimmy's

+1.000 Food (+10.000 in HD version)
Robin Hood +1.000 Gold (+10.000 in HD version)
rock on +1.000 Stone (+10.000 in HD version)
lumberjack +1.000 Wood (+10.000 in HD version)
I love the monkey head a villager appears
aegis Increases training, research and construction speed
how do you turn this on A Shelby Cobra car appears


natural wonders Grants control over the animals on the map
Marco Reveal the map
furious the monkey boy control a monkey
resign instant defeat
i r winner instant win
black death Kill all opponents
polo disable fog
to smithereens saboteur appears
woof woof A flying dog appears
torpedo X Kill a player of your choice. To define the victim, simply replace the "x" with the player's number

Cheats exclusivos de Age of Empires 2 HD Edition

In addition to the codes mentioned above, the remastered version of the game has some new cheats:

Code Effect




+100.000 of all resources
i don't exist summon a penguin
alpaca simulator Summon an alpaca
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