9 precious tips to get started with everything in Ragnarok Mobile!

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See the best tips for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Despite being very similar to the original game, Ragnarok for mobile has some essential differences that you need to know.

Check out 9 tips to get you started with everything in Ragnarok Mobile!

1. Put strength in your apprentice

Regardless of the class you choose, put strength into your apprentice. When you reach level 10 your attributes will be reset, so don't worry about builds until then. So, evolve only strength to level up on the map and to pass the class test.

2. Understand the stamina system

Ragnarok Mobile has a stamina system that reduces the percentage of experience and drops. Per day, each player has 5 hours (300 minutes) in which the monsters will give their total experience points and the chance of drops will be maximum. After that time, the values ​​of both decrease.

Considering that this reduction is only applied to experience gained from combat, the best strategy is to spend all your stamina time killing monsters to receive full experience from them and only then do quests, which give 100% experience even after stamina runs out.

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3. Use the map and NPCs to move around

In addition to using the virtual directional pad and being able to click on the place you want to go, you can use the map to move around. Just click on the part of the map you want to go to, or even use the NPCs menu, choose what you want and that's it, your character will walk to it.

4. Value your time: use fly wings

As stamina time is extremely important in Ragnarok Mobile, any way to move faster is welcome. So be sure to keep a good supply of fly wings to move along the scenery. Even if you don't show up exactly where you want, you'll certainly cover most of the way in a very short time.

5. Get the Adventure Book

When you reach level 10 and change classes, you can acquire the Adventure Book. This item is a catalog of achievements that fills up as you play and increases your adventurer level. At higher levels, the adventurer level bonuses special attributes and new skills.

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6. Take as many photos as possible

When you complete the camera quest in Prontera, you will receive a camera to take pictures of places and monsters. These photos are used to complete the Adventure Book which, as it is unlocked, gives attribute bonuses to all characters on the account.

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7. Don't underestimate the Play Dead skill

In the south of Prontera there is an NPC named Yalekoos, lying on the ground. Talk to him and learn the Play Dead skill. The skill can save your life in a few moments and save you precious time.

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8. Explore the auto-combat function

In the lower right corner of the screen there is an “Auto” icon. Through it you can configure which monsters your character should attack automatically. You can also configure skills to be used automatically, in the selected order.

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9. Search or create groups

Undoubtedly the best way to level up is accompanied. That's why Ragnarok Mobile has a menu to search or create groups in a simple and effective way. The option is especially useful for classes that don't level up easily on their own, such as novices and merchants.

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