9 essential tips to rock in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA game similar to other well-known games in the same genre, such as League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm. However, there are some differences that you should know before venturing into the game.

Check out these 9 essential tips to succeed in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

1. Discover your role

9 essential tips to rock in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

As in all MOBA games, you will have a specific role on your team during each match. That's why it's useful to know each one of them so that you can choose the Hero that best suits your style of play.

  • Tank: these Heroes are the first to enter battle, thus protecting their allies. Their health and stamina are usually high and they also benefit from abilities that decrease damage taken.
  • Soldier: Specialists in dealing physical damage in melee, these Heroes must get close to enemies to succeed. As a result, they have access to some resistances and abilities that increase their damage dealt.
  • Assassin: Assassins have deadly abilities, but with high reload times, meaning they are experts at dealing massive damage quickly and then running away.
  • Wizard: these Heroes attack with ranged magic and their abilities improve with the amount of their magic power. Mages are good at staying behind the lines of defense, throwing their spells at enemies.
  • Shooter: Marksmen deal physical damage from a distance and enjoy very fast and powerful auto attacks.
  • Support: these Heroes help their allies by healing them and by stunning and slowing enemies. Alone they are not a threat, but together with the team they become a very powerful force.

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2. Enjoy the Hero rotation

9 essential tips to rock in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you have a diverse set of characters to choose from. It is normal that at the beginning only a few Heroes are available, but you quickly gather enough gems or points to break free the others.

Each one has its own price, but before buying them you can try playing with them. As a matter of fact, every week, a new group of Heroes is free for you to pick up. So you can spend your points or gems on the Heroes you're sure you like.

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3. Choose your Emblem set well

9 essential tips to rock in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

All Heroes must choose a set of emblems to improve your attributes and skills. You won't have access to all these runes right when you start the game, but leveling up will unlock new selections. Therefore, it is essential to choose a set that complement well your Hero and his abilities.

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4. Optimize your equipment

9 essential tips to rock in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Although the game already suggests some recommended builds for each character, always look for guides on the internet (like THIS or THIS HERE) to know the best combinations of items. These builds vary a lot not only according to the hero but also their playstyle.

For example, if you're an aggressive player, don't stick to the game's recommended builds and look for the best items to increase your damage.

You can create your own builds and pin them so that items automatically appear for purchase during matches. To do this, in the main menu, go to the “Preparation” tab and then “Equipment”. Click on edit options and place the items you want.

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5. Know which skills work with your Hero

9 essential tips to rock in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang lets you choose an ability you want to use at the start of each match. In fact, skills work like badge sets. In addition to each being specifically designed for one of the Heroes, you can make your choice before each match.

6. Specialize in a few heroes

Mobile Legends has 78 heroes. It is common for new players to explore as many heroes as possible in search of their favorites. So far so good.

It happens that some players keep playing with many heroes for a long time and end up not specializing in any. Remember that as you advance in elo the matches get much more difficult and you won't get far until you're an expert in some heroes.

Accelerate your selection process by asking yourself:

  • Do I prefer melee or ranged?
  • Do I prefer dealing damage, supporting or tanking?
  • Do I prefer to spend more time in the jungle or on the trails?

These are the basic questions you need to answer to choose your heroes. Of course, it is recommended that you learn to play all the game's functions but focus on a few characters.

7. Complete daily quests

9 essential tips to rock in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Every day you win two free chests just for entering the game. Inside them you can find experience, points or badges.

In addition, when you win two PvP matches, you also earn rewards in metal chests, which contain skin fragments for your Heroes.

8. Call your team to kill the Turtle and the Lord

9 essential tips to rock in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Although very common in high-level games, new players tend not to want to kill the two bosses in the game: the Turtle and the Lord. Take advantage of this and try to lead your team to them!

By killing the Turtle, your team earns extra gold and by defeating the Lord (Blue Knight), he becomes your ally and advances on some track for your team. It is definitely a very big help.

If the opposing team contests the bosses, wait until most of the team members are dead to gather and get the buffs as soon as possible.

9. Read the game's patch notes

Seriously, be sure to read the patch notes that pop up on the screen whenever a new patch comes out. Mobile Legends undergoes many updates and many of them involve minor changes to characters.

Stay tuned for patches and read every change made to get ahead and capitalize on what's new.

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