8 ways to get free Gems in Dragon City!

Gems are important items for you to evolve in Dragon City. In this article you will learn how to get them in a simple and free way, if you don't want or can't pay for them with real money.

1. Try your luck in the Jewel Lottery

The Jewel Lottery is daily, whenever you log in. That is: basically, just enter the game once a day and you will earn some gems without effort.

The cool thing about this method is that, if you're really lucky, you can win up to 45 Gems at once! The quantity of the item will vary from day to day, and it is well worth trying daily to get the top prize.

2. Level up

8 ways to get free Gems in Dragon City!

Leveling up gives one gem per level reached. It's little, ok, but it's free, and you'll end up leveling up anyway. So fulfill all the tasks required by the game. Make crosses and hatch eggs whenever you can, as this guarantees a lot of experience!

3. Connect to Facebook with Dragon City

Connecting your game account to a social network is useful because you protect your achievements and ensure that if you switch phones, you'll have access to all the progress you've made so far.

Often this type of action guarantees you extra prizes. In the case of Dragon City, they are Gems. So do not hesitate to give this vote of confidence to the game by connecting your account to it. This way you will see your gem account get a little more stuffed.

4. Face other dragons

Putting your dragons against others is part of the Dragon City idea. Each tournament you win will earn you gold and two Gems. To increase this gain, try building a Dragon Stadium. This way you guarantee that you will be able to battle more times a day!

By the way, with the Stadium, you can participate in three fights every six hours. In other words: you can earn a good amount of Gems every day.

5. Complete the game satisfaction questionnaire

8 ways to get free Gems in Dragon City!

We know it's very annoying to have to answer if you liked the game or not and rate it. In the case of Dragon City, however, this is very useful. So when this option appears on your screen, don't just say you don't want to do the evaluation!

Once you answer all the questions you will receive dozens of Gems at once! It's one of the best ways to get these precious items.

6. Touch the Jewelen Tower

When you unlock the Tower of Jewelen you will have access to 1 Gem every day. Just tap on it and the purple dragon that inhabits this tower will give you the item.

7. Watch the advertising videos

Just as taking the game quiz is boring, so is wasting 30 seconds per video to earn rewards. But since it's free, it's worth it. Usually the reward is low, being around only 1 Gem per video.

8. Collect Dragons

8 ways to get free Gems in Dragon City!

Collecting dragons is the highlight of Dragon City. But the game's developer has now created a reward system based on its dragon collections. Depending on how rare your collection is, you can trade up to 50 Gems at once!

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