8 tips for creating a star in FIFA 19's Player Career Mode

Not everyone knows that FIFA Career Mode has two variants. You can manage a club like Coach or you can start managing the career of a Player. Each variant offers its own unique type of experience. In this article we are going to discuss the Player variant in detail and we will give you all the tips for you to have a great career!

1. Start with a small team

The first big difference between Player Career and Coach Career is the choice of your starting team. When you are the great commander of a team, it is interesting to start right away in a top club and that has good financial conditions. This makes it easy for you to win major titles and have a successful walk as a coach.

Now if you start a career trying to be a star on the lawns, the focus should be different. Choose to start with a small team. Of course, every ace wants to play alongside figures like Messi and Ronaldo, but that's not how it works in Player Career Mode. If you choose Barcelona, ​​for example, you will definitely start on the bench. Or worse: it will be loaned to another club.

To feel that emotion of rising in the career and going to play in the big ones in Europe, start in a South American team or even in any other minor league. This will make your ace gain prominence more easily. It will be much easier to compete and gain position as a starter that way.

2. Create your own ace

Once you've chosen your team, you need to decide if you want to use a player that already exists or if you want to create your own ace. Ideally, you create your player. If you choose a smaller club to start your career, chances are you don't know most of the players. Or, if you do, you'll take on a career in progress, and that's not exactly what this game mode is about.

So be smart and create your own ace. It doesn't take long, by the way. There are some basic editing options and that's it: you're ready to go to virtual lawns.

3. Train and train hard

If you ever want your ace to win a Ballon d'Or, you have to train. No matter how talented a football player is, he needs to practice to improve his skills. In FIFA 19 Career Mode your ace can train up to five times a week to increase their skills. It's more than enough.

There are at least five types of skills you can improve. It is possible to train dribbling, Defense, Pass, Finishing and Bwaves stops. It goes without saying that focusing on just one type of training will develop your player a lot in a specific style of play. You need to think carefully about how your ace plays to choose the best way to train.

4. Control the entire team and not just the ace

There is the possibility to control only your player. This type of control limits the experience a bit, because that way you depend on the AI ​​of FIFA 19 to develop your ace. There are important commands, such as "Request the ball", that must be executed at the perfect moments for your game to flow smoothly. If you fail at this, you lose skill points.

The ideal is to choose to control the whole team. That way you privilege your player and manage to evolve him according to your intentions. Remember that you are not in control of player substitutions. So every second on the lawn should be put to good use.

5. Add the extra skill points

All those who have dedicated themselves to the Career Mode in FIFA 18 will be rewarded with some benefits in this mode when they play it in FIFA 19. Everything will depend on the calculation that the system will make of your progression in the previous title. You can gain, for example, the ability to replay a lost match or to edit your ace early on.

But what's really worth it is the possibility to earn extra skill points. This is essential for anyone starting their career. Distribute these points according to your tactical position in the team and according to the role your player plays.

6. Pay attention to your successes

Keeping track of your successes is one of the fastest ways to evolve your ace and make him a coveted player around the world. There are exactly 522 successes that you can achieve throughout your career. Each of them gives you extra skill points, and this is the most efficient way for you to evolve your ace.

Successes are divided into 9 options. These options refer to game situations that you need to fulfill on the pitch at certain times, in order to fulfill the objective of success. One of the simplest to be accomplished right at the beginning of the career is the short passes. Ten successful short passes and you get a successful one.

Of course, there are some that you probably won't meet, like the goalkeeper, for example, if your player is a lineman. There are also successes that offer new celebrations or even styles of free kicks or submissions.

7. Listen to your Manager

Both with the ball rolling and with the game paused, it is possible to see what your Manager says about your performance. In the same way, it is possible to see basic statistics, such as the number of minutes he has been on the field, how many goals and how many assists he has given. It is also possible to see your partial grade, according to your performance.

Knowing what your Manager has to say about your performance is very important to maintain a standard of play that leads you to have a good grade. But don't play just thinking about it. The grade is just a consequence of your performance.

8. Manage your career

Sooner or later your player will receive negotiation proposals for other clubs. And there are two types of proposals that can come: loan or purchase. Do not go around accepting or denying proposals without first analyzing what they offer you. There are loans that can boost your career, while there are purchases that can hurt you.

That's why managing your player's future is essential. If you are doing well at your current club and there is a proposal for a slightly bigger club, but that will hide you from the market, deny it. The important thing is to be seen and to be in a team that favors your football!

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