8 Real Life Simulation Games for PC and Android!

Real-life simulators remain a popular genre among gamers. Being able to customize your avatar, assemble your family, build your house and work virtually continues to attract many players, and more and more games of the type are created for the main platforms. That's why we've gathered here the 8 best real-life simulators to play on PC, Android or iOS!

1. The Sims 4

Plataformas: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Of course The Sims is first on the list. The game that became synonymous with the life simulation genre is, to date, the best and most complete virtual life game for PC. In all, The Sims 4 already has 8 expansion packs that have added all kinds of content to the title.

The Sims 4 contains all the elements you can expect: numerous customization options for characters, houses, furniture and accessories, a very fun emotions system in which you have to manage your characters' characteristics and mental state well, the possibility to use cheats to make the game even more fun, etc.

Despite having started as a real-life game, The Sims 4 has, over time, introduced many fantastic elements such as zombies, flying saucers, monsters and much more.

Platform: PC

2. Second Life

Platforms: PC

Second Life is considered "The Sims Online" as it is a virtual life MMORPG. In addition to containing all the classic elements of the genre, Second Life stands out in the extension of its content. There is an absurd amount of character customization options, places to visit, minigames, landscapes, missions, etc.

As an online virtual life simulator, Second Life also works as a kind of social network, since much of the game is geared towards interaction between people. Without a doubt, it is among the best virtual life games.

Platform: PC

3. Avakin Life

Platforms: PC, Android and iOS

Avakin Life is a life simulation game available for PC as well as Android. It's very similar to Second Life, but more socially oriented, as most of the game's mechanics are aimed at getting players to interact with each other.

Avakin Life is updated quite frequently, receiving new avatars, environments, items and decorations. The game also features a leaderboard in which players can compete to see who has the best apartment.

4. Virtual Families 2

Platforms: PC, Android and iOS

Virtual Families 2 is a virtual family game that feels like a more basic and much lighter version of The Sims. Here you can also control various characters and create your normal life with work, family and everything else. The game also has a good variety of customization options and items.

A simple mechanic that differentiates Virtual Families 2 from other games of the genre is the fact that the game takes place in real time, that is, 1 minute inside is equal to 1 minute in real life.

5. Habbo

Platforms: PC, Android and iOS

Habbo is among the most popular people's virtual games. The game is a true virtual community and focuses almost exclusively on interaction between players, with the exception of an RPG-style achievement system and a few weekly events.

Habbo takes place in a hotel where players create their characters, build rooms and develop their own games. The game's graphics are minimalistic and charming in a pixelated style.

6. The Sims Mobile

Platforms: Android and iOS

The phenomenon of life simulators has also made its way to cell phones. The Sims Mobile offers an experience that is very reminiscent of the original game, but much more limited. Here, you can have up to 4 Sims (and their children) and 1 expandable house and a total of 5 environments for you to visit: Home, Work, Downtown, Market Square and Coast.

The Sims Mobile is a fun and enjoyable game, especially for fans of the franchise. Just don't expect an experience as complete as the original game.

7. Woozworld

Platforms: PC, Android and iOS

Woozworld is a virtual avatar game that works as a kind of fashion MMO, as much of the game is geared towards the characters' clothes. With very simple but sufficient graphics, Woozworld is a very light game for those looking to socialize online.

In Woozworld you can change your look at any time, brighten up your environments, organize parties and games, participate in contests and even start your own business.

8. Home Street

Platforms: Android and iOS

There's no better way to describe Home Street: the game is a simpler copy of The Sims. Almost all mechanics are very similar and the visual identity is basically identical. This doesn't mean, however, that the game is bad, it just doesn't innovate in any aspect.

Home Street contains all the elements you would expect from an offline life simulator. You can assemble your family, build your house, decorate the way you want, manage your characters' attributes, etc.

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