8 essential tips for any CS:GO beginner!

CS:GO is a game that can intimidate novice players, especially if you fall into a ranked match with very experienced players who take you out at lightning speed.

If you are one of those newbie players, check out these tips to improve your game!

1. The most important thing is to practice

It is essential that you practice all the time to become good at CS:GO. The game is not easy and no one can master it in a day. Therefore, the best way for you to train is to spend some time in Deathmatch mode, in which there are no objectives or rounds.

Here, you won't learn team play tactics, but it's the best way to understand how each weapon works and learn the most basic of the game.

2. Learn to master recoil

As you play, you will also begin to understand the best way to shoot. In CS:GO, bullets don't follow a continuous line, they move according to the recoil of your weapon. This spray effect has to be compensated for by moving your crosshairs to compensate for recoil.

For that, you need to know the standards of each weapon and the best way to do that is to empty your cartridge against a wall. Then analyze the way the bullets behave and try to compensate for this effect by move the mouse in the opposite direction no certain moment.

3. How to position your crosshair

It is important that you know how to position your aim in order to improve your aim and become faster. For this, it is necessary that you know the map at least, to know from where the enemy can appear and where will your head be.

Practice placing your sights in corners where the opponent's head should appear if he crosses the corner. This will minimize the distance you need to move your mouse and will be critical especially if you are defending.

Learn how to create the perfect crosshair!

4. The ideal weapons for every situation

In competitive mode, always try to buy a vest and helmet. The kit costs $1,000, and makes all the difference when exchanging shots with opponents. Without a vest, a single shot to the chest can send your aim skyward. Without a helmet, almost every weapon in the game kills with a single headshot.

Regarding weapons, the M4 and AK-47 are the most used and the most powerful and versatile. Therefore, it is essential that you learn to master at least these two weapons. The AK even kills with just one shot to the head even if the opponent has a helmet.

Submachine guns (or SMGs) are a good option if the opposing team is saving up on purchases, as they do a lot of damage against opponents who don't have a vest.

5. Know the color maps

In CS:GO, you have to know the maps to know anticipate where opponents come from and know where you can go to surprise them.

Also, knowing how to throw grenades efficiently is part of map control. It is necessary to know which places are indicated to launch smoke grenades and how to make ricochet on the walls so that they reach the intended location.

6. Economics dominates

It may not seem like it, but it is very important to take into account the economy in CS:GO. First, you should learn what echo rounds are. They usually happen when your team has less than $4,000 and therefore members shouldn't buy anything during that round to accumulate more money. If all members have more than this amount, then you must buy everything, including guns and grenades.

The pistol rounds (pistol rounds) work the same and are important. If your team is successful, chances are the opposing team will be more cautious and opt for an echo round right away.

7. Customize the settings

It's important to understand which settings work best for you so that you feel comfortable during matches.

One of the essential issues is the sensitivity of your mouse. Most professional gamers use mice with around 400 dpi and a sensitivity of 2.0 and you should try to hit these values ​​to improve your marksmanship.

In addition, you must also change your crosshair to one with a color that doesn't mix as well as the environment. Whatever changes you make, make sure you achieve at least 64 fps to optimize your gameplay.

8. Get to know CS:GO commands early

CS:GO commands are very important for you to customize the game your way. From the commands you can change the aim, control the FPS, edit the radar and other very useful things.

To enter commands, you need to activate the CS:GO console. Go to Game Options and change the "Enable Developer Console" option to "Yes". From here, just hit the " (quotes) key to show the console and write the commands.

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