7 ways to get gold cards in Coin Master!

The main way to get gold cards in Coin Master is in chests. And you can win chests as in-game prizes or by buying them in the virtual store, using your coins. In addition, you can exchange gold cards with your Facebook friends during in-game events.

Check out below explanations that can increase your chances of getting golden cards in chests and learn how to exchange cards with your friends!

1. Open as many chests as you can in each village

One way to increase your chances of getting gold cards is to open as many chests as you can in a village before finishing the buildings and moving on to the next one. But how does that increase your chances? This trick has a simple logic.

The villages are themed, and every "x" villages you unlock unlocks new sets of cards, which are related to the villages' themes. And from the second set of cards you have at least 1 gold card per set.

So what to do? Upon reaching village 2, you will release the cards. Now you will complete almost all of this village, leaving only the last level of one of the buildings. When that happens, just buy several golden and magic chests, until the first golden card in the game, the Water Girl, from the Statues set.

Then just repeat this tactic in each village you unlock. Only move on to the next one when you get the golden card from the set related to that village.

2. Look at the amount of stars on the last card that came out of the chest

5 star cards are usually gold

A tip given by some pro players is to look at how many stars the last card that came out of a chest has. From there, you must buy a specific chest. For example:

  • If the last card was 1-2 stars, buy a wooden chest for a better chance of getting a golden card
  • If the last card was 3 stars, buy a golden chest for a better chance of getting a golden card
  • If the last card was 4-5 stars, buy a golden chest for a better chance of getting a golden card

3. Build all objects up to 1 star in a new village

This tip is the opposite of the first one. In case, when you arrive in a new village you will build all buildings up to 1 star. Buy chests until you get a gold card, but only spend up to 100 million coins. When the gold card comes out, buy all buildings up to 2 stars. Acquire new chests until the golden card comes out.

Repeat the process until you complete the entire village. Remembering that as soon as you spend the 100 million coins in chests and don't get a golden card, jump to the next phase of building the village.

4. Chest sequence

A very simple trick: buy wooden chests until the last card in that chest is 3 stars. Then buy the golden chest until the last card has 4-5 stars. Finally, buy the magic chest until a golden card comes out. Then repeat the whole process.

5. Twenty chests of each type

The most expensive trick of all: buy 20 wooden chests, 20 golden chests and 20 magic chests. The chance of getting a gold card increases on this one if you do so, so it's worth it.

6. Spin trick

This trick requires the following steps:

  • Build a new village
  • Spin 5 times, on "1x Bet"
  • Don't get new stars, either by improving the village or by improving the pet
  • Now start buying wooden chests, until his last card is golden
  • Move on to buy magic chests, and between 1 and 5 magic chests you buy, a new golden card should come out
  • You can continue to buy these chests to acquire more spell cards

7. Exchange letters on Facebook

You can trade gold cards with your Facebook friends, but keep in mind that gold cards can only be traded when there is a special in-game event. You will receive information on which cards can be exchanged in notifications on the main screen of Coin Master.

Gold card exchanges are rare!

But how to send golden letters in Coin Master? Just go to your card collection and pick up a repeat gold. Click on it and press "Send". Then select the friend you want to send to and confirm. Your friend must do the same to send you a repeat letter from him.

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