7 ways to earn money and items in Avakin Life for free

Have you just created your Avakin Life account, found several items in the catalog and don't know how you're going to get the money to get them all? Don't worry, we'll teach you some very simple methods to get avacoins and items completely free of charge.

1. Log in to other platforms

For starters, in addition to earning up to 800 avacoins, linking your account with email, Facebook and Google Play ensures that your account is secure. This prevents you from losing your login data in the future if you forget your password or need to uninstall the game.

2. Daily Login

In the beginning, Avakin Life has a guaranteed gift for you every day you log into the game. In addition to avacoins, you can earn up to 28 different items just by opening the app daily. Something tells me these rewards just keep getting better!

3. Mystery Box

It's the easiest method to get gifts. Be sure to check several times a day the Mystery Box, as it will be possible to obtain rare items from the catalog, gems and even avacoins. To open the box for free, just watch a short ad.

4. Work

It has never been so simple and fun to get money. There are currently two paid job options on Avakin Life: barista not coffee ou nightclub attendant. Go to the lot chosen in the option Travel and after that, Jobs.

When you arrive at the chosen lot, find the Work schedule. Press on the scale to see options that include start work e View Service Schedule.

Starting work, you will have 3 minutes to prepare and serve, at most, 3 orders. The profit from whatever you manage to sell is yours, so don't hesitate to ask the people on the lot to help you by placing orders.

If all goes well, at the end of your shift you get paid in avabucks. The money needs to be converted into avacoins in the ATMs which are located near the lots counters, with the exchange rate of the day.

5. Construction Machine

A Construction Machine is a tool that allows you to obtain items for free and without stress. Choose any item from the catalog with the construction symbol (blue box) and confirm. As time passes, the price of the chosen item drops until it reaches zero and is acquired for free.

Consider using acceleration tokens to reduce waiting time. Tokens automatically regenerate over time, but you can acquire more of these boosters by watching 30-second ads.

Among the items available to build are several options for clothing, accessories, animations and even pets! I, for one, am looking forward to unlocking my dinosaur.

6. TapJoy Offers

TapJoy is the company that takes care of in-game ads. As an exchange, it makes it possible to get avacoins through ad viewing ou performing tasks. Currently, in the menu tab “Free Avacoins”, you can find:

  1. Video Offer - View an ad from 15 to 30 seconds;
  2. Wall of Offers - Explore a variety of offers that include surveys, app installs, and external purchases. It is necessary to pay attention to the descriptions because most of the offers require purchases with real money.

7. Have fun

Avakin Life is a live, constantly moving multiplayer game. So don't be surprised if you find gifts scattered across different lots and unusual challenges. Be aware of promotions and adventures that are made available periodically in this virtual world.

Play games, make friends, build your dream house, create unique styles and have fun!

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