7 tips to be the winner in PUBG!

Facing real players in combat is always different than playing against the computer. In Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) confrontation between players is inevitable. Only one player or one team can win the match. Check out these tips and learn how to improve your performance on the most brutal island of all time!

1. Make Decisions

In PUBG, it's important to make decisions quickly. The first few minutes of each match are very intense, with all players trying to get to the places with the best loot and the least risk. Once you understand the route of the plane, choose the place where you will jump. Find out which are the best loot locations in Erangel and try to get there as soon as possible.

2. Master your parachute

The parachute is PUBG's first "vehicle". All players start their game by jumping out of the plane, so learn to master your jump. Using your parachute well is a skill that will help you get to your chosen location quickly. Avoid jumping into areas with little cover or in the middle of streets. The ideal would be to land on the edge of a village.

3. Loot and Loot

Landed? Do not waste time watching the landscape. Start looking for loot immediately. Your equipment, supplies and weaponry will make the difference between advancing or returning to the lobby. In PUBG, loot is random and you can be lucky or unlucky in your discoveries. Learn to fight with what you find and how to use each piece of equipment or weapon. However, there are essential supplies and equipment such as bandages, weapons, protections and backpacks.


  • Medic Pack: Heals 100% instantly, but is very rare.
  • First Aid Kit: Heals 75% of your health instantly and exists in greater amounts. Does not cure above 75%.
  • Bandages: Heal 10% per unit, but take a while to work. Do not use if you need a quick cure. They do not cure above 75%.
  • Painkillers: Boost healing over 75% when used with other items. They can heal a serious wound and slightly increase your speed.
  • Energy Drinks: The weakest consumable in the game. Slightly increases your speed and can recover some energy.

Armament and Protection

Gunfight is part of PUBG. You need shoot well, shoot fast and be absolutely lethal with your shots. There are many different weapons in PUBG and you need two types:

  • Primary Weapon: Preferably an automatic assault rifle. This weapon will be used for shooting at medium and long distances. Obviously, a lot will depend on what you find when you're looting.
  • Secondary Weapon: Ideally, this would be a close-range weapon, while researching houses or other tight quarters/dwellings.
  • If you find scopes, bipods, shafts or other weapon paraphernalia, place them immediately. They will help you get better shots.
  • A bulletproof vest and a level 2 helmet would be perfect. However, any protection is better than nothing, so don't miss out on opportunities.
  • Do not pick up bulletproof vests or other protections from eliminated players, even if they are level 3, as they will be seriously damaged.


Picking up loot is great, but if you can't transport it, it's not worth the effort. Try to find any kind of backpack quickly. It will be worth its weight in gold.

4. Always be aware

  • Remember that you are on hostile terrain and that the other players want to win as much as you do.
  • Use your camera (while holding down the ALT key) to keep an eye on all terrain as you move.
  • If possible, use all available cover such as buildings, bushes, and trees to protect yourself as you advance through the terrain.
  • Always use tilt to look around a corner. Thus, you show a reduced silhouette and are much more difficult to be shot down.
  • Always pay attention to your mini map. The game zone is periodically shortening, and if you are caught by surprise, it will be too late.

5. Halfway through the game, take a vehicle

Well done, you survived the parachute drop, picked up some valuable loot, and even eliminated some players. It arrived at what is unofficially called "the middle of the game". Your priority will now be take a vehicle, if you don't already have one. The best way to find one is to look along the roads or try to find garages.

This phase of the game will depend a lot on your attention to the game zone, marked by a circle that is always shortening. Take your vehicle and head towards a building, preferably in the center of the game zone and defend it.

  • At this stage of the game, don't risk too much loot unless you need ammo.
  • Stay always keeping an eye on the mini-map. When the game zone shortens, quickly go there. That way, you'll arrive before other players and you'll be able to prepare a surprise for them.
  • If you stay in the center of the game zone, the next zone is likely to be close, or very close. This will save time and be much safer.

Observe the surrounding area using the windows, but without getting too close. The ideal is to shoot from the shadows of the division. Repeat this procedure as many times as necessary.

6. Combat

To win, you need to eliminate the other players. This is essential to get a good position in the table. Follow these tips to increase your effectiveness as a marksman:

  • Practice a lot. Better reflexes will make you a better survivor.
  • Know what to expect from each weapon you use and its limitations.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Don't repeat the same mistakes hoping that something will go better.
  • Do not use automatic fire outdoors. If there's time to aim, there's time to fire semi-auto. This saves ammo and improves your accuracy.
  • One shot can reveal your position. Is it worth risking? Don't compromise your security for yet another elimination.
  • Learn to wait for the right moment to shoot. Always wait for the enemy's most vulnerable moment before initiating any contact.
  • Learn the hotkeys for the different functions in the game. It will make you faster. In PUBG, there are only two types of players: the fast ones and the eliminated ones.
  • If possible, use extras on your weapon like scopes and bipods.

7. At the end of the game, stay close to the close of the circle

Congratulations! You've reached the most intense part of every PUBG match. There are few players left and before long there will be bullets flying as the blue circle gets tighter and tighter. While in the middle of the game the most effective strategy was to stay mostly in the center of the game zone, in this phase it is usually best to stay at one end and move only when necessary.

Imagine that you are the yellow arrow in the top image. By staying on the edge of the current game zone (blue) and moving to the next game zone (green) you theoretically only need to worry about the zone in front of you and to your side.

As in any game, PUBG needs training, planning and skill to win a match. Learn as much about the map as possible, make decisions quickly, and follow your strategy consistently. PUBG is a complex and dynamic game that requires a lot of concentration and quick thinking, but its real objective is to make you excel every time you play.

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