7 Fallout Shelter tips for building the best nuclear shelter

Fallout Shelter is one of the most famous strategy games for PC and mobile. It is a spin-off of Bethesda's renowned Fallout franchise and allows players to manage a nuclear shelter. Similar to Hustle Castle and even SimCity BuildIt, this game is perfect for anyone who likes construction and resource management games.

With simple but pleasant components, Fallout Shelter can be a challenge for those who are not used to this type of game. That's why we're going to teach you in this article some tricks so you don't make a mistake in managing your bunker!

1. Don't fill the shelter with survivors

During most of the gameplay you will be focused on building and expanding your nuclear shelter. That's really the premise of the game, so so far so good. The mistake is in doing it carelessly. Increasing the bunker spaces inordinately will cause more survivors to come knocking on your door. And with them can come overcrowding.

Of course, the game won't allow you to have more survivors than the shelter can hold. However, it is quite possible that you do not have the resources to keep your residents fully satisfied with your administration. So it's okay to leave some out for a while. If you don't put them in, they'll just sit there until you do.

2. Respect the attributes of survivors

Every survivor in your shelter is good at something specific. To know the attributes of the residents of your bunker, it is enough on each person. You will be able to see a lot of basic information, such as the clothes you are wearing, if you have a weapon and your happiness level. The most important thing at the beginning is to see the levels of each of the 7 attributes. Are they:

Attributes Benefits Evolution
Strength Determines production speed in power generators and nuclear reactors Survivors evolve this attribute in the Weight Room
Determines the crafting speed of 46 of the game's 175 weapons
Has more damage resistance in Wasteland
More likely to pick locks in Wasteland
Perception Determines production speed in water treatment rooms and water purification rooms Survivors evolve this attribute in the Armory
Determines the crafting speed of 55 of the game's 175 weapons
Determines the speed of the critical damage indicator in quests
There are more chances to find hidden places in the Wasteland

Increases production speed in Nuka-Cola Bottler

Survivors evolve this attribute in the Fitness Room
This attribute is ideal for storage rooms
Interferes with the total amount of health
Charisma Improves the effectiveness of radio studios in attracting survivors and speeds up reproduction and birth of babies in bedrooms Survivors evolve this attribute in the Lounge
Reduces waiting time after using barbershop
Helps to find civilized groups and people in the Wasteland
Intelligence Determines efficiency in stimpacks and RadAway production Survivors evolve this attribute in the Classroom
Increases the chance of encounters with civilized and injured people in the Wasteland
Also in Wasteland there is a greater chance of finding stimpacks and RadWay
Agility Determines the speed and efficiency of food production Survivors evolve this attribute in the Athletics Room
Determines how many shots a survivor can take before the enemy in the Wasteland and quests
Determines how much damage Survivors can avoid in quests and the Wasteland
Luck Determines whether a room will award caps in addition to the normal reward and increases the chances of finding caps in the Wasteland Survivors evolve this attribute in the Game Room
Positively affects the chances of a rush attempt in a room being successful
Allows you to find items and locations in quests and in the Wasteland, and the higher the attribute, the better the items
In combat, increases the speed at which the critical damage bar fills

Each workroom requires a specific type of attribute. Who produces energy, for example, needs to have more Strength. Those who have more Agility should produce food. Whoever has more Perception will take care of producing water. When a survivor doesn't work at his best, it makes him frustrated.

Frustrated residents are unhappy. As a result, they produce fewer resources and make you less money. Also, they take much longer to level up if they are in the wrong role.

3. Always keep an eye on your resources

In no other strategy game are resources as important as in Fallout Shelter. Firstly, nothing works in your shelter without power. That's why putting your survivors to produce it right away is essential. If you can increase the number of rooms and merge them, even better, since the amount of the resource will be doubled.

Water, in turn, is important to keep its residents healthy. Without this feature, they will ingest water with radiation, which will lower their hit points and cause them to eventually die. The same can be said of food, as without food the survivors will also get sick and gradually come close to death.

Here's the tip to keep game notifications on. They will tell you when production of a particular resource has ended so that you can collect it and allow more to be produced. In this particular game, staying away can get your shelter in trouble.

4. Do everything the game says

Fallout Shelter is completely free. Although there is the option to perform microtransactions, they are not necessary for your experience in the game to be complete. But for that to happen, you'll need to do everything the game tells you to do. Quests, daily quests, small challenges, everything.

That way you can get the caps, the caps that are the money in the game. Caps are used to upgrade rooms and build new rooms.

But more important than them are the lunch boxes. Lunch boxes are like random prize chests. Money, armor, weapons, inhabitants: almost anything can come from a lunch box. It's a way to stock up on precious items that will be of great help in all the game's challenges.

5. Don't rush all the time

Rush is the possibility of accelerating the production of a certain resource. This can be both wonderful and can bring you great problems. It's easy to get "addicted" to clicking the clock so your water, food, and energy stores quickly fill up again.

However, there will be times when doing this will bring more problems than solutions. It could be that the room in question collapses and catches fire, or that a nasty cockroach infestation takes over the shelter. At the beginning of the game, with fewer survivors in the vault, you may not be able to handle it.

So hold your nervous little finger and use rush only when the game indicates it's really necessary.

6. Arm yourself to the teeth

The post-apocalyptic world of Fallout Shelter is anything but peaceful. The game isn't just about taking shelter in a vault and hoping bad things don't happen. They will happen. Almost all the time. And arming yourself is the least you can do to survive.

The problem is that there aren't many ways to find weapons and armor for your survivors. You can't just create them in a vault room. So pay attention to lunch boxes first. Lunchboxes are the fastest way to get this type of item.

The second way is by exploring the Wasteland. Here you will need a bit of luck, as well as strategy, as you will have to choose the most prepared and equipped survivor for this mission. The good thing is that you can follow your journey through a diary. If you want, you can send him to the shelter again without her taking any extra damage.

Keep in mind, though, that in Fallout Shelter there are looters. When you least expect it, they will be able to invade your shelter. If you're well-armed, this shouldn't be a big deal. However, don't be surprised if at least one of your villagers dies. This is easily circumvented, since in this game the survivors are replaceable.

7. Get out of the shelter and look for resources

The experience wouldn't be complete if you couldn't leave the vault every now and then to explore the outside world. This can be done when you already have a sufficient number of residents in your shelter. You must ensure that all services continue to function perfectly. Besides, it's not worth sending just one person to explore. Just send two or three.

To ensure that they are successful, they must have armor and weaponry. So only send to Wasteland those who are really prepared for it. And remember: it is still possible that you end up losing some brave soldiers.

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