7 essential tips to pass any level in Gardenscapes!

Gardenscapes is a game that combines simulation with the match 3 genre. If you're having trouble passing a level, our tips will surely help you to progress in this addictive game.

Check below 7 very useful tips to become a Gardenscapes master!

1. How to get infinite lives in Gardenscapes

This is a simple trick used by many Candy Crush players that also works for Gardenscapes. When your lives are over, turn off your internet (wifi and data), exit the game, and go to the time and date settings. There, advance the clock by 3 hours (or, to make it easier, advance the date to the next day). Then enter the game again and your lives will be full. At this point, access the settings and go back to the normal time and date.

Attention! It is very important that you return to the normal time/date before spending lives, otherwise there is a chance that the game clock will be disrupted. To avoid this, follow the steps above and once the lives are full again, go back to the actual time/date.

2. You can restart levels if you haven't made any moves yet

If you haven't made any moves yet, it's possible to restart the level without losing lives. That way, you can lose a few seconds to choose a start of the game with good combinations available in the first move.

Although the tactic is not necessary in the early levels, it is very useful as you advance in the game and the stages become more difficult. At the most advanced levels, any advantage is welcome (or even necessary) to win.

3. You can make moves to empty squares

Unlike most games of the genre, in Gardenscapes you can make moves involving empty squares as long as you get a combination.

4. Prioritize vertical combinations and lower combinations

Whenever possible, try to make combinations at the bottom of the screen. Unless you can form bombs, dynamite or barrels at the top, use the bottom of the screen for a chance to cause a chain reaction.

Vertical combinations also follow the same logic. That's because by eliminating a big vertical row, you put a lot of new pieces on the screen and that also increases the chance of a chain reaction.

5. Make matches during the chain reaction

Many players don't know, but it is possible to make moves during chain reactions. This mechanic adds a bit of “skill” to the game because it requires the player to see and execute moves extremely quickly before they get lost.

So, whenever you make moves at the bottom of the screen, when using explosives or Color Rays, be very aware of the combinations that appear in the middle of the chain reaction. It is often possible to create more explosives at this point.

6. Don't save your money

Gardenscapes is a slightly more difficult game than others of the same genre as the levels increase in complexity quickly. However, in-game currency can be obtained in many ways (leveling up, Wheel of Fortune, watching ads, etc.), so you don't need to save. Just avoid spending on new decorations.

7. Focus on the Colored Ray

Treat Colored Ray as a secondary objective at all times. Whenever you don't have moves that take you closer to the objective, focus on charging the Color Beam bar. A single use of the item can transform the entire game. Also, for those who haven't had the chance yet, if two Color Rays are combined, all game pieces will be destroyed and each obstacle will lose a layer.

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