6 Habbo-like games for interaction in virtual worlds

If you're looking for Habbo-like games to meet people and interact with them, we've brought you x games for you to download in this article. They bring the same social dynamics and customization as Habbo, all of them ideal for people of all ages!

1. Avakin Life - Android and iOS

Avakin Life is one of the best games for those who like to socialize. It allows extensive customization of your avatar, to later put you in a world full of other players. Interaction is the main focus here, with the option of even creating virtual love relationships between avatars.

This game has multiple minigames, as well as the possibility for you to decorate your house in an almost infinite way!

2. Miami Nights: Singles in The City - Nintendo DS

Miami Nights, marketed by Ubisoft, is even more interesting than Avakin Life, as the entire game takes place in the city of Miami. Graphically, we have here a very highlighted point, with a super detailed look and that in itself is worth the experience.

You will create your avatar and you will control it around the city, interacting with all the people you want. As a relationship simulator, the game will encourage you to enter into romantic relationships. All this rewarded with achievements through objectives related to a very simple but addictive narrative.

3. Supple - PC

Supple does not have character customization, as you always control the same avatar, Arin Costello. Her mission is to guide her in her life, taking her to work, interacting with her colleagues and then in her social life outside of work. From that point of view, it's a very challenging game.

It brings great game mechanics and a very cool look. There are options for dialogue and customization of your home. A primitive achievement system is present in the game, based on your achievements in Arin's life. Very suitable for teenagers

4. Club Penguin - PC

This is perhaps currently one of the most popular Habbo-type MMOs. Mainly among the age group that goes from 4 to 14 years old. Basically you create a penguin, customizing its appearance with clothes and accessories. He must interact with other penguins controlled by other players, who can even be his friends.

Club Penguin's main objective is to explore the North Pole in the company of friends. The achievement system is quite simple, making it a very suitable title for young children.

5. Party in My Dorm - Android e iOS

Party in My Dorm focuses on the final years of university life. In other words: it's creating your avatar and going to the most insane parties you've ever seen. You can even create your own party! Of course, the number of people that will appear will depend on their popularity within the game, which can be a little tense.

Among the coolest possibilities of the game is being able to play tricks on other players. There are several minigames, and you can send and receive gifts.

6. Second Life - Online

Second Life is one of the most complete Habbo games out there. It can be seen as a place to trade items, as a social network, as a simulator or simply as a game.

The game is so complex and so full of possibilities that many people even manage to win real money! That's why the game is for people over 18 years old.

The gameplay allows hiring or providing services of the most varied types. You can work or hire other players. You can build objects, create groups or communities and interact in many ways with other players.

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