6 Gartic-like games to keep you drawing!

Gartic is undoubtedly the first option that comes to mind when we think of Image and Action online, but it is far from the only one. Several other sites offer a very similar experience for those who want to have fun drawing, and some even offer interesting new modes and tools. That's why we've put together a list of 6 Gartic-like games below for you to show your artistic skills on more platforms!

1. Drawize (Drawing game)

Play Drawsize here

Drawize (translated as Drawing Game), is a nice alternative to Gartic. The game has exactly the same premise: one player draws and others have to guess what it is. Despite being less famous than Gartic, Drawize has a better visual identity, in addition to having more game modes and an experience and money system. To play you just need to choose a nick and an avatar. All very simple and practical.

2. Quick, Draw!

Play Fast, Draw! on here

Quick, Draw! (Quick, Draw!) is actually an experimental Artificial Intelligence tool disguised as a game. Here you have 20 seconds to draw each of the requested items and the goal is to draw well enough for the game to recognize what it is about. It's very simple and fun, and after each game the game presents data about your drawings, comparing it with other people's and showing alternative answers.

3. Guess: LetsDraw.it

Play Guess:LetsDraw.it here

Gress: Lets Draw It is a game 100% like Gartic. Here you also need to guess the drawings of other players around the world and accumulate points to climb the rank of the day. When your turn comes, you also earn points as other players guess your drawing. There are a number of cartoon categories to choose from, from animals and body parts to Pokémon and Game of Thrones.

4. Best: LetsDraw.it

Play Best:LetsDraw.it here

Best: LetsDrawit is a variation of the above game. Here players choose what they will draw and need to do their best. After all players have finished their drawings, they will then judge who was responsible for the best drawing. The more votes you have, the more points you get, and just like the other LetsDrawit games, you can also compete for a place in the leaderboard.

5. Copy: LetsDraw.it

Play Copy: LetsDraw.it

Another variation of Guess: LetsDrawit, Copy also has its own. Here players choose a design from a list available and then try to make the best copy possible. The most voted design wins and of course there is also a daily rank.

6. Sketchful.io

Play Drawaria here

Sketchful.io follows the same lines as Gartic, but with a cute interface and the possibility to customize your avatars. In addition, the game is very different from other similar games because it has keyboard shortcuts for quick drawing commands such as filling in colors, erasing everything, etc.

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