6 Best Discord Registration Bots

Finding the best Discord registration bots can be a challenge for anyone planning to administer a server. There are a lot of bots on Discord and that's why we made this list of registration bots that can help you the most in this task.

You can add bots to your Discord server to improve functionality. Both can help you better manage your server by bringing easier logging features. So, we have compiled a list of the 6 best Discord registration bots that will improve your server.

1. ProBot


ProBot is a customizable multipurpose bot for welcome images, detailed logs, social commands, music, moderation and more.

You can automatically add welcome messages, track violations of server rules, warn violators and kick them out (even automatically). ProBot also supports 13 different languages.

Download and Install ProBot here!

2. Arcane

Arcane is a Discord bot that YouTube influencers are likely to find interesting.

It is a leveling and moderation bot that you can use to set XP and give rewards to members. The auto-moderation functions allow you to register new and departing members, prevent spam, block certain words, and change, warn, kick or ban those who violate your server's rules. Also, YouTubers can use it to send YouTube notifications to Discord server when you post a new video.

Download and Install Arcane here!

3. Koya

Koya is a powerful, configurable, all-in-one Discord bot that allows you to manage Discord records. It creates many possibilities for your server like: member greetings where you send announcements to your members with our greetings system. Moderation Koya's moderation section offers powerful tools to moderate your server. Fun with fun commands create high retention for your server, more activity for your members to stay and Social Interactions where you add social interactions to your server with our commands!

Download and Install Koya here!

4. Invite Tracker

Track invitations and messages from people, a Giveaway Bot, Giveaway Requirements, Customizable, Free and 24/7 and send invitations for registration.

Invite Tracker is a powerful Discord bot that offers many features like invite tracking, giveaways, message tracking and more.

Download and Install Invite Tracker here!

5. Tatsu

Tatsumaki is an extremely capable Discord bot that many online game streamers trust. He  offers a ton of commands for moderation, configuration of welcome messages, notifications, registration capability and various other features.

The bot is not restricted to Discord only, but allows you to change bot settings in a dedicated panel. It also lets you search the web, stay up to date with an RSS feed, and much more directly within Discord.

A  Tatsumaki's most notable feature is its much talked about incentive system, which pushes users on servers to be more active, allowing them to gain XP and Levels. Your position on a Discord server is shown in the form of a visually pleasing card, which leads you to interact with users more often. You can use real money to customize the look of your cards.

Download and Install Tatsu here!

6. Melin

Melijn is an advanced multipurpose bot with moderation, music. custom commands, reaction functions, message permissions and logs, punishments, attachments, reactions, music, chat filter and etc.

Download and Install Melijn here!

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